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Barbara Worth here,

Ozark Mountains in northwest Arkansas...  We are now the proud owners of 80 acres (32 ± hectares) of gorgeous, rugged mountainside.  Dennis thought he saw bear tracks on the property last weekend.  The Native Americans who lived on this land, probably the Quapaw Tribe,  sometimes lived in what are called bluff shelters.  They are not quite caves but can be quite protected by rock overhangs.  We have already contacted members of the tribe to determine who to contact in case we find artifacts.  Their website has a lot of interesting information on a tribe that most people probably know little or nothing about.

Just got back from the memorial service for my former husband and father of my two older boys.  He was a long time volunteer at the Kerrville Folk Festival .  The big festival begins in May, and runs for 18 days.  A smaller version, called the Wine And Music Festival, is four days long and begins the Thursday before the first Monday in September.  If you have any interest is singer-songwriters, this is the place to go.  Songwriting is the key word here.  These performers sing their own words.  Very powerful stuff.  My kids and I have also been volunteers at the festivals for years.

I would love to hear from spinners and weavers, organic gardeners, and anybody interested in Texas, Louisiana, or the Arkansas Ozark Mountain area of the United States. mail me

Spinners and weavers, would you like to make this page a “co-op” where we could advertise everyone’s work for sale?I could set up a credit card access for buyers and/or have checks sent directly to the craftsperson.I’ll have to do a little research into international e-commerce to see what the guidelines and possible fees are.

If you are interested in Sandefur, Gross, Nugent, McCrory, McGregor, Holley, or possibly Taliferro genealogy, contact my aunt, Gladys.  Let her know the link came from me. ? .

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