A threat from the past.

A Scout team in danger.

A hero in turmoil.

A planet under siege.

Somewhere in the frozen Arctic regions of the planet Earth, an unspeakable evil has been unearthed. Freed from his tomb of ice, General Jedite, now mad and more dangerous than ever before, has returned, with the help of his adoring sidekick, Valkyria, to fulfill at last his final mission - to destroy the Sailor Scouts.

Stealing the crystals of his former comrades, Generals Malachite, Zoisite and Neflyte, Jedite reveals to the revived Generals his plans for the destruction of the Scouts and the reintroduction of the Negaverse. What Jedite didn't foresee was that the remaining three Generals would refuse, and escape back to Tokyo in hopes of warning the Scouts.

But before they can, something goes horribly wrong, something that will rock the Scout team to the core, and nothing will be the same again. Something that will ensure that the Generals are now absolutely, terrifyingly, on their own.

Meanwhile, Darien, whose relationship with Sailor Moon has been slowly deteriorating, soon discovers that there is no-one he can trust, in a world of lies, deception, and double-crosses. He, too, must brave the wrath of Jedite alone.

Sailor Mars, also, is affected by the resurfacing of Jedite, her ex-lover from the Silver Millennium. She knows that he is somehow going to attempt to get her back - anywhere, at any time, maybe even when she least suspects it. Unable to confess her feelings of discomfort to the other Scouts, Rei faces possibly the most difficult decision of her life.

And then there's Jedite's lieutenants: Valkyria, the beautiful alien princess, marooned on our world and so desperate for love and companionship that she will follow Jedite to the ends of the Earth, and who harbors a secret that could destroy the Scouts themselves; and the mysterious Arcadian, the former Silver Millennium warlord,  who died in his failed attempt to take over the Moon Kingdom, and has been somehow reincarnated, but must disappear at the end of each night...

With the Scouts, the Generals and Tuxedo Mask divided, and when no-one is who they seem to be, Tokyo is poised on the brink of chaos. And Jedite eagerly awaits his revenge...

When Grommie and I started writing this, they told us we were mad! Mad, I tell you! Well, who's mad now, Professor Jenkins? Muahahaha!! Ahem....

SANTANICO is as old as the stars, and is simultaneously in love with Neflyte and Boba Fett. She aims to be the one who finally pushes "The Button", and thereby destroys Earth and all living creatures. This doesn't mean she isn't kind to animals, however. Anyway, she loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and Sailor Moon, to the point where she has absolutely no friends. If anyone influential is reading this, she wants them to know that Tim Burton HAS to direct the live action Sailor Moon flick. Also, she hates Rini. HATES her.

GROMMIE  is also in love with Neflyte, and wants Santanico to keep her hands away from him, you filthy bitch. But, if Sant ever does beat her to him, she'll be quite happy to settle down with Han Solo, or indeed any other character Harrison Ford has ever played. He WILL get that divorce, she KNOWS it. She also loves SW, ST AND SM,  and has been reduced to hanging out with Santanico, writing strangely obsessive fanfic, because of this fact. She can't be bothered ever leaving the lounge chair she took root in a couple of years back, and dang it, she never will.

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