updated Dec 2005

The CONCEPT of the Australian Internet Political Party is to permit the voters of Australia to participate on a daily basis in the government of their country.

This will be achieved by having the elected member of an electoral district operate a web site to which voters in the electorate have access.  The web site would display matters that are to be brought before parliament for voting, and such information as was available to parliamentarians on the matter.

Each voter would use public key encryption to identify themselves and indicate to their representative how they would like their vote to be cast.

If you have any questions of a theoretical or technological nature, please email your question.

In this way it is hoped to get a Q&A page operating.

As a preliminary step to the establishment of the party, a call is made for 1,000 persons who are enrolled on the Australian Federal Electoral roll to volunteer as foundation members.    They will be advised when the draft constitution has been prepared and be given an opportunity to contribute.

Those people who respond thereby signal their intent to consider authorization of the constitution of the party (if it ever gets written) and to be foundation members of the Internet Party for the purpose of the Australian electoral laws on the understanding that it will be set up solely to expedite the purpose outlined above.

Under Australian electoral law, only a properly registered party can claim government refunds of electioneering  expenses.

If you would like to be a foundation member, please email that intent, including your return email address and your electoral name and electoral address.