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Seatbelt Hazards

27 March 1999
weekly opinion

To Serbians the province of Kosovo has enormous cultural significance.  It is where the Serbian nation was born.  It is their soul.  Successive unfriendly governments (first the Nazis, then Tito) and Albanian terrorists have forced the expatriation of Serbs from Kosovo until they are a small minority.

The Serbs army was attempting to capture the LAK (Albanian terrorists and drug lords) among the 1,800,000 Albanians living in Kosovo.   The Serbian anti-terrorist & anti-drug strategies were much more restrained than those employed by the Turks or Iraqis against the Kurds, and it is certain that they were not as savage as those employed by the Hutus in Rwanda.

Albanian terrorists in Kosovo enthusiastically expanded their activities when they sensed that William Jefferson Clinton might accept their spin.

Clinton desperately needs to recoup Williegate. He needs a cause.  He could have taken up the cause of the Kurds.  Unfortunately he does not have the power to sacrifice the US alliance with Turkey.

Now Clinton has declared war on Serbia.  "Due process" in Serbia has ceased.  The Serbs have decided to banish all Kosovan Albanians. The Serbianss have said that they will allow the Albanians to return if NATO stops bombing.

Willie has made a mistake.  Kosovo will not be solved by external force. Illegal acts by NATO will destroy NATO.  If NATO invades, we have Afghanistan or Vietnam.  

Clinton should immediately resign, the US should stop the bombing and negotiate payment of war reparations to Serbia. 

The USA risks world instability when it uses it's armies to oppose national governments for atrocities against their own people.  The USA must remain a moral force in the world by openly providing weapons to civilian populations who must self help to overthrow repressive regimes.  If the USA even THINKS about military interference, then, unless there has been an actual invasion, it will be castigated.

There is no honor when peace is imposed.  There is honor in armistice.

In the Balkans, honor is life.

You know, politicians never learn.

Based on strategy & foresight, I reckon Clinton would be a wood pusher at Chess. He might be marginally better at poker, but it's easy to be a good bluffer when you have the biggest pot. If he doesn't fold in Kosovo, he just might end up committing the Genocide that he says he seeks to prevent.  This is one of those problems that, like WWII, might be solved if just one person was absent.  And that person is not Slobodan Milosevic.


Since the Federal election, Prime Minister Howard has been acting as if he were the bees' knees & the cat's pajamas.

Dear John.   Let's face it, Australians don't elect, they diselect.  Keating was first elected because we diselected the GST.  You got elected because we didn't like Keating. You got reelected because we didn't trust Beazley.  If Labour selected a drover's dog as leader next time, we would elect it.  The reason that One Nation is a danger is that it hasn't presented threatening policies or dishonest people.

In the Federal election I carefully made sure that my vote in the Representatives went to the coalition.  I also carefully made sure that my vote in the Senate would not go to the coalition.

I certainly did not give my mandate for the GST.

As for the NSW election.  I voted the coalition last because:

  1. I didn't want to encourage John Howard who was high profile helping Chikarovski.  I wanted him to get the message that I do not want GST
  2. I was not impressed by Chilarovski's law & order campaign.  Hiring Police costs lots of money.  I would prefer that the government try alternative methods of reducing crime.
  3. I do not like our present premier, but at least he is fairly bland, & he promised to remove a toll.
  4. The olympic factor.  I suspect that Collins was sacked before anyone heard about the scandal.  But wasn't it the Coalition that was responsible for the circumstances that got us the Olympics?
The united campaign by Labour & the Coalition against ON is not because ON is racist.  The campaign is a spoiler.  It is designed to secure power in all Australian parliaments for either the Coalition or Labour.

If the coalition had swapped preferences with One Nation, then the coalition would probably be in power in NSW.   The Coalition will have to come to it's senses about ON if it wants to get into power in any Australian parliament before 2020.