29 July 2001.


Back in the Thirties, Germany was arguably the most scientifically advanced and liberal country in the world.  Then they had a census.  Hitler used that census to locate German jews and gypsies so that he could ethnically cleanse the German Race. (Deutschland uber alles).

Rumour has it that no census has ever found more than a couple of million people in New York City.

Just about every country has a census, most people I know seem to object to them, so why do they happen?

In our household we value privacy.  When opinion surveyors knock at our door they get turned away.  Strangers who telephone must identify themselves, and most get short shrift.  We can do that because we live in a liberal democracy.

But not so the census.  In Australia the government has legislated fines for those who dodge the census taker.  Of what value is a liberal democracy?  What information does my government require that allows it to stomp on my Liberty?

The government has promised that the information extorted will be secret.  I feel sure that Hitler would have said that too.  We remember that the government took so little care after the last census that boxes of the filled-in forms were lost off the back of a truck.

Is there a world conspiracy?  Why are world governments in lock-step in the way that they disregard our rights when taking a census?  I never had an opportunity to vote against our having a census.

They think that they are so clever, our politicians.  They recently attempted to have Australians accept an Australian Republic with a President chosen by the Politicians.   We indicated that we wanted a president, but not one chosen by politicians.  Prime Minister Johnny Howard spat his dummy, and said "well we won't have a Republic" despite a majority of Australians wanting one.

One of them has thought of a plan to trap us, first by asking whether we want a Republic, then, if we commit, they will give us choices that they write.  Politicians are such scum.

The "Representative Democracy" concept is broken.  We the people need a way to intercede in the political process.


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