21 September 2001.


The only thing discovered and so far revealed by the USA security services about the WTC & Pentagon air terrorist incidents is that "people & pilots of Middle Eastern appearance" boarded each aircraft, and that some of those people were known associates of Bin Laden.  Unnamed Iraqis have been mentioned as suspects.  The act is believed to have been planned by a shadowy terrorist organization named as Al-Qaeda (The Base).  Bin Laden has denied personal involvement with the acts.

According to Jane's Security, the Israel intelligence service "Aman" believes that IRAQI leader Hussein hired "Lebanese Imad Mughniyeh, head of the special overseas operations for Hizbullah, and the Egyptian Dr Ayman Al Zawahiri, senior member of Al-Qaeda and possible successor of the ailing Osama Bin Laden" to plan & oversee execution of the act."

Clinton was warned in a 1993 report that incidents like the WTC & the Pentagon would be the form of terrorism of the future.  His response was to suppress the report & do nothing.  It was during Clinton's watch that the terrorists established themselves in the USA.

Muslim terrorist sympathizers claim the acts of terrorism are pay back for three categories of US provocation.

  1. Victimization of Iraqi children caused indirectly by US led trade & military sanctions.
  2. The presence of US military bases in Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia contains two of the holiest cities for Muslims, Mecca and Medina.  (Jerusalem is the third).  Those military bases are part of the ongoing interdiction of Iraq.
  3. US support for the state of Israel.  Clinton persuaded the Israelis to offer the Palestinians more than 95% of the land claimed, and half of Jerusalem.  (The Palestinians turned the offer down. This has demonstrated that appeasement fails.)
There are dark reports that the relatives of Palestinian suicide bombers are paid US$20,000 for their "bereavement" by the Iraqi government.  That payment evokes a new insight into the motives of the father of a Palestinian bomber who in a "sixty minutes" interview publicly dedicated his next child as a future suicide bomber.

Another story of profit from the suicides are hinted at in the reports that New York securities investigators are investigating short selling of American Airlines and Insurance Companies just before the WTC incident.

Western Christian culture has no defense against a culture in which people accept money to nurture babies for the sole purpose of suiciding, or against businessmen who obtain financial gain by directing suicide bombers at commercial targets.  In our "politically correct" Christian culture, people who commit horrific crimes are thought to be mentally deranged.  We are unable to accept that it is the culture - not the individual - that is sick.

What is the medicine for a sick culture?

The medicine that the USA has chosen is to pursue the suspected terrorists and bring them to justice.  US reasoning is that if the government of the nation where the terrorists reside asserts sovereign primacy, then that government is probably a terrorist government, and the USA takes appropriate prophylactic measures against the government.

In the Muslim religion, there is a sacred duty to protect a person who is a guest.  For a fundamentalist Muslim state like Taliban Afghanistan, breach of that duty would be akin to a mortal sin.  Of course if the guest were to commit criminal acts while a guest, the rules should change.

Another possible medicine is that adopted by ancient Rome.  If a person was guilty of a capital offense against the state, all of that person's family was guilty by association, and all of the guilty person's family was executed, from grandparents to babies.

The last virulent Moslem culture was cured in the Balkans some centuries past.  Leftover pockets of infection can be found in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo and FYROM & the various Palestinian terrorist organizations.   A third possible medicine would be to culture the Antibodies which can be found in the Balkans & Israel.

On an abstract level, all religions are memes*.  "Suicidal terrorism" is a meme.  The fundamentalism within the Taliban is not a suicidal terrorist meme.  The only way to eradicate a meme is with a predator meme (that replaces the original meme, as in a religious conversion), or by elimination of all containers of the meme.

The solution is to stimulate the creation & development of antibody memes.

* A meme in this context  is a contagious idea.
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