14 October 2002


There are five permanent security council members, the UK, France, Russia, USA and China.  Permanent members have the power of veto, (which non-permanent members do not have).

It is time to revise the list.  Barvennon suggests USA, China, India and an enlarged Europe (including USSR).

It is unconscionable that India is absent, and unreasonable that the UK, France and Russia each have a permanent position.

The veto power is unreasonable, and should be abolished.

Perhaps there should be a pan-muslim member.


A car bomb appears to have been exploded outside a Balinese nightclub frequented by tourists.  Initial reports indicate 180 dead, 300 injured.  Muslim extremists are suspected.

The hate of Christendom that exists in parts of the Muslim world may be on the point of reaching critical mass.  That is not a new thing.  The Muslim religion was born one and a half millennia past in fire and steel.  The notion of "Jihad" is unique to the Muslim religion.

However it might be as well if the mullahs kept their flocks in check.  The USA may prove to be an even more murderous foe than the Turks who held the Muslims in thrall for a thousand years.  In past times the US used nuclear weapons against the civilian populations of powers that threatened it's security.  If sufficiently provoked, it is possible that a US leader could be found who would use them again.

If that scenario eventuated there would be guilt after the crime, and blood money like that which went to Japan.

There would also be fewer Muslims.


The World Tribune reported (18th October) that Mossad (Israeli intelligence) has reported that Bin Laden is dead.  That does seem reasonable.  In life, Bin Laden was quite voluble.  If he does not appear to contradict (and humiliate) the Israeli report within a week, then it is highly probable that the report can be taken as fact.

Bin Laden's death would be a serious setback for Al Qaida.  Islam is an authoritarian religion, and when the head is cut off, the body flops around for a while until competing successors sort out who will be the new supreme leader.

The most effective strategy for enemies of Islam to adopt would be to wait until a new leader has established himself as preeminent leader.  Then he should be discredited, or if that is not possible, removed.  This is because each leader must discredit or eradicate his most dangerous opponents to obtain his position.

Democratic regimes have a more orderly scheme for transferring the mantle of power.