1st December 2002


9/19 - Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble also said he thought al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was alive.
    - November 9, on CNN.COM

I trust Mossad (Israeli intelligence) on this, more than Interpol.  Mossad said Osama is dead.  If he was alive, well, he was never backward in putting forward his views.  Where are his little talks now?

11/19 - I might have to retract my unswerving trust of Mossad - if the recently broadcast of the "voice of Bin Laden" does not prove to be a hoax.

My faith in Mossad is restored.  A "tape" allegedly from Bin Laden was obtained by Qatar radio.  The USA released a report confirming that the tape might be bin Laden, then a swiss thinktank said that it wasn't.

Logic suggests that it is fake.  It is my belief that Bin Laden would have followed past practice, and released a videotape.  Voice tapes are easier to fake.

Either the US or Al Qaeda could be the authors of the tape.   The Al Qaeda organization reputedly has "deep" operatives in many locations.  One method of activating those would be by public media.

So it might have been in the interests of the US to activate all cells while world alerts are at a peak.  On the other hand, if (as supposed) Bin Laden is dead, then there would undoubtedly be a power struggle, and the new leader would want a showpiece terrorist act to consolidate his position.

The triple act in Kenya (where a jeep was used to bomb an Israeli occupied hotel, and two SAM's were fired at an El Al airliner) was possibly evoked by the Bin Laden Tape.  It was a disaster for Al Qaeda.

It was a disaster because a very topmost Al Qaeda operative died.  Top operatives with planning ability are a scarce and valuable resource.  Palestinian children have committed more successful terrorist acts.

It is not hard to imagine the champagne celebrations in Tel Aviv and Washington.


The source of this tape has been questioned, so comprehensive criticism is pointless.

  1. It is over 4,000 words in length.  It is polemic.
  2. It selects historical facts that establish that Israel should belong to Palestinian arabs.
  3. It shows resentment of Arab leaders who are selling oil too cheaply, and declares war on them.
  4. It expects and demands that citizens of the US become Muslims, and promises "If you fail to respond to all these conditions, then prepare for fight with the Islamic Nation."