21st February 2003


Pauline Hanson has surfaced as a NSW resident, and has nominated to run for the NSW upper house at the elections due next month.

The NSW upper house is an emasculated chamber of review.  It is also a rort.  With sufficient votes, someone elected serves a double term (2 x 4 years) which ensures that the lucky person obtains the very generous parliamentary pension.

I believe that Pauline will be a shoo in.

Nobody since federation has aroused such vituperative attack from all sides of politics.  When you examine the rationale, there is nothing.  Chief attack was that she is a "racist", but Prime Minister John Howard has said more racist statements, and he has in fact stolen most of her racist policies.  Regrettably he has not also appropriated some of her more important policies, like that giving citizens the right to review and alter political decisions (aka CIR), or that which removed some of the more lucrative portions of politician's superannuation schemes.

The press is again trying to give her a hard time.  They attempted to humiliate her because she did not recognize the name of the police minister.  Get real, fellahs, neither does 95% of the constituency.  I would bet that more than half could not name the premier.

These attacks serve to enamor her to a growing percentage of the population.  I suspect that she might obtain 10% of the vote, (where 4% obtains a seat).

- KASKY - v NIKE -

Rosemary Feitberg and Joanna Ramey were quoted in the SMH.

The Supreme Court in California has ruled for Marc Kasky that NIKE had lied about working conditions in the countries where NIKE has it's shoes manufactured.  Nike claimed that what it said was "PR", and was protected free speech under the first amendment to the US constitution.

The KASKY decision, if upheld, could have a huge effect.

  1. In effect, corporations would be forced to tell the truth about their financial status.
  2. What about politicians?  A corollary is that a politician's publicly given promise would become binding.
  3. Advertising companies could diminish in importance, as "creative" talent finds itself bound to facts about their client's product.
KASKY is on appeal.  It will be interesting to see how that appeal runs.

I am betting that the appeal will succeed.  Politicians forced to keep promises?  NEVER HAPPEN!