25  July 1999
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Nothing much happened in Australia last week.

The road death toll was up, probably because of heavy legislative penalties that force 95% of Australians to wear seat belts.

Politician Carmine Lawrence was found "not guilty" of perjury, despite about eight exemplary witnesses who were in situ and observed the event that Carmine swore never happened.

The NSW government continued to lose boatloads of our money as crony management of SOCOG foundered on the Olympic shoals.

Also (hopefully) US & Japanese children might sue SOCOG and get to march & play music at the Olympic opening ceremony.

Perhaps we could take those Olympian losses out of the superannuation pensions of the politicians responsible for this fiasco.

Politicians are attempting to gain more power by emphasizing the dishonesty of radio talkback star host John Laws, hoping for a groundswell of support for a legislative solution. (Pots calling Kettles black?)

Wowsers are whipping up a frenzy against (government regulated and taxed) gambling.  Spin is libertarian & believes that gambling should neither be regulated nor taxed.  If people want to gamble then that is their own concern.  After all, gambling is part of the greatness of man.

Consider Moses.  Leading the Jews out into the dangerous wilderness from safe well fed positions as servants in stable, civilized Egypt was definitely a gamble.  Consider Winston Churchill.  Taking on the Third Reich was definitely a gamble.

Why is it that nearly everything wrong with Australia seems to involve government?

- AIDS TRANSFUSION  (flash 28 July 1999)

Well the authorities are back at controlling our information again.  Let's have a look at their latest lie, and recalculate that much publicized "far less than one in a million" chance of catching AIDS.

Each new AIDS sufferer has a 21 - 42 day period (say 30 days on average) during which they are infectious but undetectable.  In Australia there are over 600 new cases a year, and about half of these are heterosexual females who did not get it from drug use.  If we ignore selective recruitment, the probability is 300/12,000,000 * 30/365 < 1/500,000 (ignoring children).  Of course selective recruitment is a factor, but harder to quantify.  Selective recruitment happens when those who are most likely to catch AIDS are also more likely to contribute blood.  Since the largest growth in AIDS infections is among young, sexually active females, and since this group is a major blood contributor, we can probably reduce those odds by a factor of at least ten, to 1/50,000.

All of the above is predicated on "no pooling" of the blood.



SPIN is still patiently waiting for disclosure of the evidence of Serbian atrocities that justified Willie, Tony & Maddie's bombing murder of hundreds of Yugoslav nationals.

So far we see mass graves containing KLA fighters killed during NATO bombing buried with alleged non KLA Albanians. We see continuing atrocities against innocent Serbian civilians.  It was in the stopping of such atrocities that the Yugoslav police were accused of discrimination against Albanians.


Last week JFK Junior flew his plane into the ocean, killing his wife, sister in law & himself.  Camille Paglia noted that the Kennedy family seems to be cursed.  She suggested that the curse was a lack of ethical dimension traceable to the original Kennedy speculator back in 1929.

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