23th February 2004


I do not know why all the pinko journalists in the western media are condemning the Ayatollahs' intervention in the Iranian elections held last week.  It was pure genius, and confirms in my mind the genius of the Muslim religion.  I can only recommend their innovative procedure to Tony Blair, Dubya (Bush), "the wimp" and most of the elected governments in the democracies.

Here is how I would suggest that they proceed.  The President (or Prime Minister or whatever) should appoint a committee called something like "The approval of Candidates committee" and require all candidates for office (including all of those who already hold office) to submit an application to that committee for permission to contest the next election.

I am sure I do not have to explain in too much detail how this will improve our government procedures.  For a start we could eliminate all of those complainers who waste time in parliament or congress asking ridiculous questions about policy (like "why did we go to war in Iraq".)   I am sure that the US Democrats, the UK Conservatives and the Australian Labour party would agree to the adoption of this procedure, (but only if they had a majority on the approval committee.)


The Palestinians do seem to have a genius for picking the wrong leaders, for bombing at the wrong time, for picking the wrong fights.

Arafat has apparently been accumulating the wealth of Palestine (several billion US$) into his own secret accounts.  That is of course an acceptable procedure for a devout Muslim leader, although I would like to point out that Arafat is not particularly well known for his religious fervour.

In the next few days the International Court are to consider the Israeli wall.  (Last November diarist thought that the land grab was a bit blatant and urged the Israelis to revise it's route)  The Israelis have recently decided to reroute some of those sections of the wall that are too obtrusive.

So what do the Palestinians do?  They have another Jihad incident, killing half a dozen Jews and wounding a couple of score more.  If a list of actions was required to justify the wall, such behaviour must be near the top of that list.


27th February

Tony Blair has not denied spying on Kofi Annan telephone conversations.

If Kofi Annan was talking on behalf of the UN, then I personally question the need for any secrecy whatsoever.  All communications between the president of the UN and anybody not a family member should be on the puiblic record.  It is a different matter if the conversation was personal, as with a wife or friend.

Our paid servants should not be keeping secrets from we the people of the world.

I would like to point out that I also believe the same standard should be applied to our national government communications, including those between cabinet ministers.  I do not accept any argument that our government must keep certain matters secret from we the people.