11th & 19th July 2005.


In todays "The Australian" there were eight pictures of current US Supreme court justices.  (Sandra Day O'Connor has just resigned).  Just for the fun of it, I ranked the photographs by "trust" before reading the text.  Imagine my amazement when I found that of the five that I ranked as "most trustworthy", four were considered "conservative" (P ~ 6%).
   I checked my findings with another expert judge of character (my grandson Ben aged 4) and found that his opinion more or less coincided with mine.

After reflection, I decided that there were two likely explanations.

1) The Australian, being a conservative rag, chose "favourable" photographs of conservative justices, and "unfavourable" photographs of "liberal" justices.
2) Older people's faces reflect their character, and those who tell many untruths have that fact indelibly stamped on their faces.  It is my firm belief that anybody who proclaims "liberal" views is either shallow or deceitful.

I look forward with interest to further research on this hypothesis.


The roots of Arab terrorism are, according to many arabs, based on the unfair support by the USA of Israel.

Terrorism is founded in envy and injustice, and it's roots antedate the Chinese, Russian and French revolutions.

I have a next door neighbour whom just about everybody in the neighbourhood
dislikes or hates (I know this because I took over 100 signatures against her within 100 meters of my home).  The petition failed to influence local council, and we have continued on with our lives.

My point is, of course, most people have neighbours who have done them real or imagined wrongs.  From my reading of history, I do not find justice in the Muslim claim that Jews have wronged the Muslims.  Like myself, the Muslims should, as my daughter would say "build a bridge" (get over it.)  If Arab countries do not prosper, it is probably because of their government.  I do not believe that Semitics are intrinsically inferior.

In the past few days (7th July 2005) there was a terrorist attack on London.  About fifty people are confirmed dead, and a further twenty-five are missing.  Another seventy-five are reported as "critical".  At least four Al-Qaida groups have claimed responsibility.

Terror is a strike against our democracy.  After 9/11, civil liberties in the USA (especially those of aliens) were curtailed, and the USA bacame that much more of a dictatorship.  As recently as last July (2004) I noticed a heavy police presence around Tony Blair's house in Downing Street.  The inevitable result of this act of terror will be a further curtailment of civil rights in the UK.

I anticipate further restrictions on civil liberties and rights in Australia.

Democracy's problems were foreshadowed in Israel.  Back in 2002 I suggested a solution.  Since then, both the USA and Israel have followed my suggestion, and the necessary technology is undergoing rapid development.

19th July.  Hundreds of Shia have been slaughtered in multiple suicide bombing attacks around Baghdad.  The TimesOnLine is speculating that civil war is imminent.

My suspicion is, the Shia will hold off action until the coalition leaves, then close Iraq's international borders, suspend press freedom, and engage in wholesale arrest and summary execution of any Sunni who is remotely related to anybody who was a terrorist.

I realize that most Sunni are peace loving and are probably horrified by the bombings done in their name.  Unfortunately, I do not think that will be a defense.  I can only think of two courses of action.
  1. Join the security forces, and fight the terrorists visibly & directly.  Hope in this way that even though a cousin twice removed was a member of a militant faction for a week, the Shia authorities will give the benefit of doubt, and not arrest you and your dependants.
  2. Emigrate asap.
Once the coalition leaves, I would predict that they would be very unwilling to return, and would turn a blind eye on just about everything short of a civil war employing nuclear warheads, or an Al Qaida government.