4th November 2005



During the period of the feminist movement, (i.e. sometime after Germane Greer wrote "Eunuch" up to about about 2000AD) any female who could type out a semi literate jumble of words could get published.

Not cognizant of that fact, I developed the theory that females could not write science fiction.  Apologists would point to the "Darkover" series by Marion Zimmer Bradley, but that series was fantasy, and not to my inclination, so did not disprove my prejudices.

OK, so I was wrong.  Marianne DePierres claims to be female and has written science fiction stories about a female bodyguard/warlord Parrish Plessis in a society placed in the future.  She has taken care not to make any obvious technical (scientific) blunders, and has included Australian Aboriginal folklore and a dab of alien-based-mysticism in her stories.   So far I have read "Nylon Angel" and "Code Noir" and a short story on the web called "The Cure".  I look forward to finding her third Parrish Plessis book, "Crash Deluxe" in a bookshop or library in the near future.


In France the revolution is bubbling along.

The new French revolution is being painted by the media as a revolution of immigrants and Muslims. I believe that it is truer to say that it is a revolution of those who are power deprived.  I predict that the new revolution will continue to spread & fester through the democratic dictatorship* nations of the world until either the power greedy governments of those nations share the power (and wealth) with their citizens, or until an international conflagration erupts.  The outcome of the new revolution is not foregone.  On the one side, those in power will rely on increased mechanization of the security process to hold the revolution in check, on the other side the "power deprived" are increasingly aware of their mass & status. If they are permitted to organize politically the world may escape a particularly nasty war.

I leave a tautology for the reader to consider.  When the utility of power is the maintenance of power, then power has become an end in itself.

* A Democratic Dictatorship is a nation in which the federal government is elected for
a fixed period,with no means for the people to exercise their will between elections.


Richard Florida is an Professor of economics who three decades ago wrote a book in which he theorized that there is a "supercreative class" that is responsible for accelerated wealth formation in the geographic region where they live.  Instances are Silicon Valley, and Massachussets.  The supercreative class is comprised of Engineers, Scientists and Artists.  The supercreative class requires the presence of three "Ts", Tolerance, Technology, Talent, to begin to cluster.

Depending on reasonable definitions, there is no argument that supercreative people generate wealth.  There is dispute from there on.

Unlike Professor Florida, I believe supercreatives are found in all professions, including business.   As for the conditions precedent for the formation of clusters, Technology and Talent are non starters, because the internet is now available anywhere in the world (given a source of electricity, a computer and a satellite phone), and that minimum technology would supply adequate communication to substitute for clustered talent with whom to communicate.  What is necessary to attract supercreatives is tolerance and inexpensive security.  Tolerance, because it is the nature of supercreative people to analyze everything, and that applies to their social conditioning, so their behavior is likely to be outside local norms.  Inexpensive security because in their creative period, they will seek a location where the cost of accommodation and security would not provide a drain on whatever financial resources they have.