9th July 2006
What is "objective analysis"?



The US army has released a game that simulates the profession of soldiering.  It seems to include a taste of most of the information that a GI would need on the battlefield.  After completing that "game" a person would probably be able to take over a remotely controlled robot soldier.  Probably take a couple of years to have remote controlled general infantrymen (RCGI) ready for action, but definitely the way that the army will go, and the US army is right in there, getting it's operators trained in anticipation.


Kim Jong Il has been attempting to scare the US government by shooting various sizes of rockets into the Sea of Japan (it is suspected that a couple of the larger ones might have been aimed at the Pacific around Hawaii.)

North Korea reportedly has a large & very well trained army.  There are a lot of (about 300,000?) US servicemen stationed within a few kilometers of the NK border.  North Korea, being an illiberal (closed) dictatorship, can subject it's people to incredible hardship, including starvation, without too much fear of civil unrest.

So Kim is not vulnerable to either military or economic persuasion.

The problem for GWB seems to be (what we used to call) the "Domino Theory".  GWB has been cajoling & bullying various small countries into not producing WMD (esp. nuclear).  Most countries (Libya is a notable example) have joined his community of restraint.  NK and Iran are the tilting dominoes.


Terrorists have attacked an Israeli outpost and killed two soldiers, captured a third.  It is reported that one of the planners is a senior Hamas member, whose often stated theory was that the only way to free Palestinian prisoners was to capture IDF soldiers and hold them to ransom.  The Hamas price for freeing the soldier are liberation of Palestinian female and child prisoners.  Gaza strip terrorists are reported as continuing to fire rockets at Israeli settlements across the border.

Israel has responded with a re-invasion of the Gaza strip, and destruction of Palestinian & Hamas assets, resulting in about 40 Palestinian deaths.

One has to wonder at the logic of the Hamas action.  It does seem that the Palestinian people are unable to act as a rational political entity.

Qui Bono?  The Palestinian terrorists are a thorn to Israel, but they are catastrophe for the Palestinian people.  The only beneficiaries of Palestinian terrorism seem to be the terrorist hierarchy and those rogue dictators of neighboring states who benefit from the general instability in the region.

- IRAQ -

There has been an upsurge in civil violence in Baghdad.  Over a month ago Riverbend reported There’s an ethnic cleansing in progress and it’s impossible to deny. People are being killed according to their ID card.  Ethnic cleansing is now being reported in the local rags.  Apparently it is approaching pandemic proportions.

The options for resolution of the situation seem to be dwindling.  One option that neither Iran or Turkey seem to want would be a division of Iraq into three regions.  There are twenty million Kurds (mostly Shia) in the region, (located in NE Iraq, NW Iran, SE Turkey) and Turkey and Iran do not want their indigenous Kurdish tribesmen to have a home base.  Similarly, no Arab tribes seem to want the refugee Jewish tribe to have a home country.

Another option (suggested by Saddam Hussein) would be to reinstall the previous Baathist regime with Saddam in charge.  Perhaps not as silly as it sounds.

Somebody should give GWB a copy of "The Prince".


It does seem that US policy is in transition.  I had been of the opinion that the US planned action against Iran.  Action now seems less certain.  Perhaps the change has been brought about by intransigence & stalemate in Iraq and Korea, resulting in a comprehension that the era of "Pax America" is no longer sustainable.

Perhaps it is about time.  The treasure spent overseas can now be spent at home on technology (Aegis, ABMs & RCGIs etc) that will make the US secure, instead of on the encouragement of liberal democracy where live those who (perhaps because of their culture) do not seem to want it.


An airbus crashed in Irkusk recently.  Is it me, or have an exceptional number of Airbuses been flying into the ground recently?

Other things being equal, If I traveled, I would prefer a DC or Boeing.