10th September 2006
What is "objective analysis"?



Maryna in NY emailed me last week.  I got to thinking about expatriates, and decided to do a spread on Woollahra, & Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Woollahra Council is possibly the most prestigious address in Australia.  It is located on the Southern harbor shore of Sydney, and stretches from the Opera House to South Head.  It contains the suburbs Darling Point, Double Bay, Point Piper, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, Bellevue Hill, Edgecliff, Woollahra and Paddington.  Vaucluse and Bellevue Hill were reported recently as being two of the top ten suburbs in Australia for real estate growth.

Some years ago Double Bay was the shopping center "par excellence" for Woollahra.  It contained quality gentleman's & ladies' outfitters, trendy coffee shops, notable restaurants.

That has changed.  Even Georges has closed.

Successive state governments have denuded Woollahra of it's assets.  For instance the half of Paddington that contains Paddington Town Hall is not in Woollahra.  More recently the State Government has sold the Paddington Women's Hospital & the Paddington Police Boy's club into the retail housing market, and attempted to sell White City - which initiative aroused massive public condemnation.  The state government attempted to impose an expensive tolled "cross city tunnel" on Woollahra residents, however massive protest has caused a revision of the road closures that were intended to force use of the tunnel.   The most recent "redistribution" of local government regions has seen Woollahra lose the lucrative Bondi Junction shopping mall to Waverley.

To the West of Woollahra is Sydney's "24 Hour City" zone, centred on Kings Cross.  Below is a photograph of Tropicana, one of the more popular haunts of non-trendies.


Tropicana, looking north towards Kings Cross, which is about 200 meters further on.

Oxford Street (from Victoria Street Darlinghurst up to Sid Einfeld Drive) is the Southern border of Woollahra.  

The clothing capital of Australia now seems to be the 2 Km of Oxford Street in Woollahra. Paddington.  The division is quite marked.  On the northern (Woollahra) side of Oxford Street there are about 150 designer fashion (clothing, cosmetics, leatherware
& accessories, jewellery, eyeware) shops, on the southern side in that same strip of road there are six clothing shops.  Admittedly, about one third of the South side street frontage of Oxford St. is taken up by Victoria Barracks and Paddington Town Hall.

In any event, I have prepared, for the record, a complete index of the shops from Victoria Street to Queen Street, on the Woollahra side of Oxford Street., as of September 2006.  I apologise for any inaccuracies, and will repair same if notified.

Below is a view down William Street from Oxford St.  Most of the terraces shown below are, in fact, clothing shops.  The shops are not "legal" shops, in the sense that they are "not council approved" modifications to terrace houses.

William St facing North

Above is a view of William Street looking N. from about 50 meters N. of Oxford St.

looking NE along Oxford St from Paddington School

A view east along Oxford Street from Paddington School

In general, most of the dress & fashion shops along Oxford Street are the "shopfronts" for Australia wide or international designers.  The rents are high, which is gradually driving out the "inexpensive" shops (e.g. secondhand books, chemists, newsagents, furniture, crockery.).

bookshop coffeeshop

The books add to the ambience of this coffeeshop on Oxford Street.

The NE boundary of Paddington is Trumper Park.

trumper park

Trumper Park pond

paddington market

The Paddington Market opens Saturdays in the grounds of Paddington School & The Uniting Church.