31 October 1999
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What the referendum is really about is political power.

That wily politician Ted Mack has engineered a situation.  Clever Ted!

No politician of either party wants a president.  A president is a loose cannon.
(There are two politicians in the HOR and one in the Senate who want a people's president.)

The politicians think "A prime minister that gets too popular can always be cut down to size.  Look at Bob.  Look at Joh.  Look at Maggie."

A people's president is not so easy to send to Coventry.  What if the Prime Minister dismisses the people's president & the people re-elect him?  We at least need a double dissolution.

So the politicians of both parties desperately need a YES vote.  And the polls say 15% want a politician's president, 35% want the Queen, and a whopping 50% want a people's president.

Because if they get a NO, the issue will come back.  They know it.  A new political party could be built from scratch on that question.  Like David Oldfield built One Nation.

Still the politicians of all color are united in stating "NO means NO" and "If you the people don't vote YES now, you won't get another chance".

Is it Hubris that is driving them?  Or is it an attempted bluff?  Do they think that they are our rulers or something?  SPIN suspects another Ted Mack plot.  SPIN suspects Ted has maneuvered the politicians of both parties into preparing the ground for direct government.

SPIN thinks it will be nice if Australians could have a leader that couldn't get changed by the twits on the hill.  Like Bob & Joh & Maggie were.  It would be even nicer if Australians could dismiss a government that went against the people's wishes, by for instance introducing an unwanted GST.



Moscow has watched the USA in Serbia and Moscow has learned.  They aren't bombing civilians, but strategic targets.

"It is a pity about all the collateral damage, but we feel sorry for the innocent civilians in Moscow.  The people of Chechnya must rid themselves of those evil terrorists."


The Indonesian army has recognized it's wrongdoing.   It appears that a leader with principles has taken the reins. In these alone the Indonesian people have gained.

It would be nice if a new method of changing government could be devised.  Rioting in the streets is not a comfortable method for recycling the political party in power.

This page published 31 October 1999.