7 November 1999
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Turnbull, the $130 million man.  Well that's how much he cost Australians by foisting an unwanted referendum option on we the people.  SPIN reckons that a few percent of Australians even voted "NO" just because Turnbull looks to be such an (censored).

The Australian people have given their politicians a scare.  They have put them on notice.  Astoundingly, they have resisted the combined onslaught of the media and a majority of professional political advice, and voted for an option that was manipulated out of the arena.  They have indicated "en masse" that they want a popular elected president.

The people have ignored the hollow threats of Kim Beazley & John Howard.

Republicans for a "people's president" have accepted Ted Mack's strategy of voting "NO" for the "politician's president", based on his assurance that they will get another chance.

Perhaps honesty does shine through.  A politician's nightmare.  Perhaps we the people can detect honesty?  We just don't see it very often?  Nah.  Just more cynical & immune.

SPIN hopes that the politicians keep on being their arrogant old selves.  It will improve Ted's chance of placing some really interesting referendum choices before us the people.



Rupert Murdoch, CEO of NEWS LIMITED & FOX, opened an entertainment center which included a film studio in Paddington, Sydney last Sunday.

In his Oxford days, Murdoch was reportedly known as "Rupert the Red".   Many humanitarianists seem to go through an idealistic phase in their early twenties.   As a generalization, the motivations of youth are not lost with age, but there is an evolution of the modus operandi.

So it was with shock that SPIN heard of Rupert's Monday comment on Australia's stand over Timor, reported in his flagship Australian newspaper, (Tuesday, page 2) that:

Australia should not base it's foreign policy on moralism or emotionalism, but on a hard headed view of the national interest.
SPIN agrees that a foreign policy should not be formed on "emotionalism" (whatever that is, but it sounds icky), but feels that "moralism" is the prime rationale for government.  To say that Rupert is becoming American is to slander a lot of quite nice people.  SPIN thinks Rupert seems to be adopting the moral tone that would be expected in the Chinese leadership.

SPIN infers from Rupert's comment that he is being led around by his (censored).



English prime minister Tony Blair (Cohort of Clinton & Albright in the murder of Serbia) has reformed the house of Lords.  Politicians are the same the world over.  The Australian parliament wants a president, but one who has even less power than the Governor General over themselves.  Tony has stopped short of reforming the Commons.  It would not surprise SPIN to find that the reform of the Lords has strengthened his position of Prime Minister.

Not that it will be an issue in two more decades.  The entire continent of Western Europe (excepting Switzerland & maybe Iceland) is sinking into government by a bureaucratic nightmare.

The Americans, on the other hand, are trending in to creeping gangsterism. (what else is new?).  If they can manage to reform their government with direct democracy, they might manage to avert that fate, but the centripetal Liberals in media are ardent allies to US politicians in resisting any move in that direction.


The Indonesian people are showing the world that they are more civilized than they have been credited.  Such is SPIN's interpretation of their most recent offer of a plebiscite in ACEH.

Only dictators and nationalists would want to dominate people who do not want to be governed.  On the other hand, some parts of the world are uniquely endowed with mineral wealth.  This wealth is really an inheritance for mankind, and should not be for the benefit of the occupiers alone.  Opportunist criminals could well attempt to politically exploit situations using nationalist sentiment for their own benefit.

Greater provincial independence is probably a good idea for Indonesia.  It would also serve to dilute the pervading influence of the army.  It need not be accompanied by independence.


The liberal press had a great time castigating Reagan.  "Bit thick" was the cruelest.  They have had a terrific time supporting Slick Willie.

In the bible a disciple says:  "How may we know a good man?"   Jesus responded.  "By his works".
Shortly after his presidency, the Berlin wall came down, effectively ending the cold war. Russia tests ABM system in 7th year of presidency, effectively restarting the cold war.
US military forces strengthened.  No military actions of note. Decisive military action in Iraq by successor Bush. US military forces weakened.   Won a war of attrition by bombing Serbian civilians, so that Russia had excuse to bomb Chechyna civilians.  Missiles fired at Bin Laden factory at politically sensitive time.
Presidential term was followed by a huge boom in US wealth & power.  Office of President gained prestige. Presidential term is accompanied by a huge loss in credibility of the honesty of politicians in general, President in particular.  Economy built in Reagan years continues to boom.
No scandals on electoral funding or anything else. Electoral, sexual, financial scandals. 

Good - v - Evil.  You pick it.

This page published 7 November 1999.