2 July 2000.
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The rogue states in the world are raising the level of anxiety over nuclear armed ICBM's.  We are advised that those fears are causing the US Federal government to reconsider it's ABM (Antiballistic Missile) technology options.

Should the people allow the US government to invoke it's rights under the ABM treaty and upgrade it's ABM capability?

Or should the US people consider that this is just another excuse for a "liberal" federal government to rip off more taxpayers dollars and as a consequence curtail individual liberties.


Because of it's very low tax regime, and because of the liberty of it's citizens, (see below) the USA is now the most powerful country in the world.  Individual states of the USA would, (if they were nations), be in the first rank.   The differential between the USA and the rest of the world continues to widen.

Before another decade has passed individual US states will be able to afford to purchase their own ABM systems.  The dollar cost will drop, and the effective cost (dollar cost of number of ABM's required to have a 95% probability of a hit.) will almost certainly drop even faster.  Probably individual cities (SF, LA, NY, Chicago) would be able to purchase their own ABM systems#.

#The ultimate ABM system is a cylinder about four feet high weighing
a couple of hundred pounds that sits in a fenced off area of the
town square. When it detects an incoming ICBM it takes it out.

After all, an ABM system is just very smart software riding on a rocket.  It requires very smart software to differentiate between the decoys and steer the ABM rocket towards the incoming Ballistic Missile.  The rocket hardware is old technology, it has been around since the 1940's.  The most important part of the ABM system is the software.  And the USA has the best software wizards from all over the world.

The US Federal Government should spend military tax dollars on training a core of military personnel who are specialists in tactics, weapons and war games.  The Military could probably earn their keep by providing experts able to test or evaluate ideas for weapons technology, or providing training for approved personnel in anti-terrorist tactics.  The market place will provide the weapons.   So long as the Federal government does not effectively curtail individual liberty by imposing high taxation, no foreign country will ever be able to afford to purchase sufficient high technology weapons from the USA to ever be a threat to the USA.

The rest of the world will finally realize that whole nations of people toiling together under the guidance of the most intelligent and humane of Supreme Leaders, or unified under the most idealistic and caring of socially-responsible liberal governments can never utilize human resources as effectively as if that same nation were constituted of individuals possessing maximised liberty, each working towards their own goal.  (In the US, leadership in government is becoming increasingly depersonalized and irrelevant as participation increases.)

All over the world, regardless of race, natural resources or other advantage or disadvantage, (except perhaps industriousness) the more liberty oriented* the government, the greater the average wealth of the people.

* I have had to write "liberty oriented" instead of "liberal"
because "liberal" now means "tolerant of other lifestyles".