22 July 2000.


The Chinese Government has released a white paper on human rights in China: (This copy was taken from a link on Xinhua)

In the old semi-colonial, semi-feudal China, the broad masses were oppressed by imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism, and had no human rights at all.
So what has changed?  If Falun Gong were to come to power tomorrow, they might write:
In the old semi-communist, semi-dictatorial China, the broad masses were oppressed by communism, party demagogues and bureaucrat capitalism, and had no human rights at all.
Of course the white paper has anticipated objections:
China is a developing country in the East with a long history and a huge population, but with a relative shortage of resources and wealth. To promote human rights in such a country, China cannot copy the mode of human rights development of the developed Western countries, nor can it copy the methods of other developing countries.
Note the distinction of such a country and China.  Presumably China refers to the governing cadre, and such a country refers to the other 1.2 billion Chinese.

The document is long.(11,172 words). The general tone of the document lauds the achievements of the government in reducing hunger, disease and privation among it's people during the last 50 years.

The comparison is dishonest unless it compares achievements with what might have happened in China with an alternative government.  The advances in China should be compared to the baseline advances in Taiwan, N & S Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, or even India.

India is an interesting comparison.  The people of India might be hungry, but there is no widespread starvation.  They may have inadequate medicine, but there is no pandemic.  Indian people are part of a dynamic and growing culture where corruption is rife, but prosecuted.   Indian Industry is so competitive that Western multinationals cannot compete, In China, Western multinationals are not allowed to compete.

The major crime of the Chinese government is it's infringement of it's people's right to choose to have children.  This single crime of the Chinese government will be enough to condemn the whole system of government throughout history.  China's worst enemy could wish no greater blight on the Chinese people.


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