2 October 2000.


The Sunday Times in the UK ran a story that is typical of the anti-Yugoslavian propaganda that is current:

"Nato guards escape routes as Milosevic makes plans to flee"

Rumania and Hungary "have interceptor aircraft on standby, ready to force down any private flights from Serbia" to prevent flight to Russia where Milosevic would be safe, (reports the ST).  I can only suppose that Sunday Times editors do not credit their readers with sufficient intelligence to read an atlas.  Yugoslavia has a seaport, so why couldn't Milosevic escape in a Russian Submarine?

The story is part of a mosaic of lies created by the world media, who have been cajoled and bribed by those past masters of manipulation, the politicians of Western Democracies.  SPIN would like to find an authoritative answer to the following questions:

  1. Whether he is president or not, doesn't Milosevic control a majority in the Yugoslav parliament?
  2. How is it that NATO knows better than the Yugoslav electoral commission how Yugoslav people voted?  If the electoral commission says that the vote was inconclusive, perhaps it was inconclusive.  If the electoral commission had wanted to lie, why not make it a big lie, and announce victory for Milosevic?
  3. Who made Milosevic a criminal?  Wasn't it a Canadian judicial appointment to the UN court of Justice?  (The court appears to have only found criminal activity during the bombing.) The activities of the UN is increasingly losing credibility in that it is being perceived as a US proxy.  (cf. Richard Butler in IRAQ etc.)
  4. Why, despite requests to do so, has the UN Court of Justice not considered the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, an act that has caused more deaths than had occurred before the action, (and due to the poisoning of the Balkan environment with Uranium, will cause the early death of many hundreds of thousands of people over the next few centuries.)
It is doubtful that Milosevic was as pure as the driven snow.  Prior to bombing, the situation in Kosovo was difficult, and the difficulties were exacerbated by a gang of criminals sponsored by the world media who called them "KLA".

According to reports, the flood of refugee Serbians from Kosovo post bombing is greater than the trickle of refugee Albanians that left Kosovo pre bombing.

If the UN prosecutes Milosevic for "crimes" that occurred during the bombing, it should in fairness also prosecute Clinton & Blair who ordered the bombing.

SPIN believes that the cure (bombing) was a greater crime than the original (persecution) disease.


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