3 March 2001.

 -  NRMA  -

SPIN was much agin' the NRMA incorporation.  SPIN has a policy of betting the Jockey.  So when it happened, with son of pollie as jockey, the obvious choice was sell.  And of course all insurance policies (cars, property, business) are being distributed to other insurance companies.  The road service is now too expensive, so that will go too.

I notice from today's paper that not only has the NRMA stopped making money, but that he is director of another company that is going bust.  No surprise.  Don't suppose he cares.  He has nice offices and security guards.  NRMA will take decades of mismanagement before it's in real trouble.


The Federal Elections are coming, as if anyone could miss it.

John Howard continues to amaze.  The reduction on the petrol tax (with removal of excise indexation) was the correct move.  Australians can appreciate that although this only means a few cents a week, the effect will feed back into the economy as lower transport prices, leading to cheaper everything.

Unfortunately, this is not enough.  There are at least two other things that must be done.

A third plus would be if Rupert could be pacified on datacasting, with Kerry kept on side.  (Kerry seems to have a few problems at the moment with his Neilsens.  The Government seems to be having trouble selling bandwidth.  A creative negotiator might find a deal?)

Liberal can win because Labor is still wrong.  Too many people don't want "sorry".  O'Donohue confirmed what others call prejudice.  Aboriginals are no different to the rest of us.  So why should Aboriginals get peace treaties and land but not the rest of us?

So Kim, you must back down on "sorry".  If Howard does the two things above (and it is beginning to look as though he might), then you will have no choice if you want a chance at Treasury.  It might also be a good idea to back down sooner rather than later..

And Pauline, negotiate GST, but insist on CIR.  John would fix GST without you.  Make CIR your price.  It's the way of the future.


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