7 May 2001.

 - McVEIGH -

The clock is ticking.  Confessed & convicted terrorist Timothy McVeigh, who caused 150 dead in "collateral" damage when he destroyed a federal building in Oklahoma is to meet his maker without remorse.

It is the recipe for creation of a martyr.  The federal government insists that McVeigh is sane enough to be responsible for his actions.  So citizens ask, why would this sane man do such a thing?   McVeigh is articulate and passionate.  McVeigh has clearly and unequivocally nominated retaliation against the federal government's aggression against civilians as exemplified by WACO.

WACO is a sore spot for many Americans.  And it is right that it should be so, because it was a serious infringement of civil rights due to the hubris of federal law enforcement bureaucracy.   The BATF & FBI probably felt that Koresh was making fools of them, and after they lost men on an attack that should not have been made, they felt that the matter must be brought to closure quickly.  Of course it goes without saying, only the fool can make a fool of himself.

The collateral damage caused by BATF & FBI was about EIGHTY dead bodies, including quite a few children.

And of what heinous crime was Koresh convicted?  What viciousness on his part made it necessary to endanger so many innocent lives?

A firearms offense, by a licensed gun dealer?

To execute McVeigh's is a recipe for martyrdom.  The public interest in WACO does not seem to be dissipating. In the public eye, McVeigh is WACO.  Executing McVeigh is another coverup, a further exacerbation of the federal crime that happened at WACO.  Killing McVeigh will not bury WACO, it will exacerbate it.

A scenario for the benign outcome of McVeigh's execution would be censure of those responsible for WACO.  Perhaps Janet Reno should be sacrificed.  It would be bad form to sacrifice an ex-president, no matter how bad the crime.  A bad precedent.

There was evidence that Reno ordered the WACO attack, and it appears she is also guilty of "framing" a Florida solicitor who has escaped to Australia.   So she deserves a serve.

The best social outcome would be to commute McVeigh.  While he lives he can't be a martyr.  Unfortunately, nobody has the power to commute McVeigh, specially since he hasn't asked for it.

For his martyrdom McVeigh will be remembered in history either as the person whose protest in the late twentieth century brought an awareness that resulted in a movement that brought greater liberty to the citizens of the union, or the person whose execution marked the beginning of the persecution of the individual, and the creation of the monolithic federal state.


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