30 May 1999


According to Meg Lees, the GST in most of Europe is 15% - 20%.  In Switzerland it is 5%.  Has anyone noticed what is happening to the "eurodollar" lately?  Has anyone noticed what is happening to European economies lately?  The population of Eurocrats seems to increase rabidly.

The USA has no GST.  Switzerland has a 5% GST.  Has anyone noticed what is happening with the USA dollar and the US economy lately?   Has anyone noticed what is happening with the Swiss currency & the Swiss economy lately?

Democrat leader Senator Meg Lees has revealed herself as unable to maintain her virtue under sustained duchessing.   As a consequence the Australian people will be saddled with an inequitable and unfair tax that they do not want, and given compensation by way of unindexed income tax cuts that do not benefit most pensioners.

Dear Democrat Senator Stott, we respect and applaud your stand against Senator Lees.  But stay in politics.  Start a new "independents" party with Senator Harradine.

The political arena is wide open for a new political party.  The coalition will be deader than Kerry Chikarovski after March 2002.  One Nation will have a show if nobody else starts a political party.

It is Aussie Spin's opinion that the Australian people would landslide anybody into government who believably promised to do nothing about anything.


International diplomacy is a mix of poker & chess.  When intelligence is good, when everyone can see the other's assets, it is more like chess.  When intelligence is poor, it is a game of bluff poker.

In the Kosovo game, everyone knows more or less what assets the other party has.

The Slavs like chess, and Serbs are Slavs.  It is Spin's opinion that while Willie might play an OK hand of poker, he would be a patzer* at chess.

(*wood pusher).

So Willie keeps trying to bluff.

  1. First it was surrender or we'll bomb,
  2. When that didn't work, it was surrender or we'll bomb harder
  3. Since that didn't work it is now surrender or we'll invade.
So let us look at the cards that everyone holds.  Let us look at the chessboard.

(A) Suppose that Willie invades.

  1. Slobbo claims to have 100,000 troops in Kosovo.  NATO disputes that figure, and claims that Slobbo has only 40,000 troops in Kosovo.
  2. The morale of Serbian troops can be anywhere from dreadful to high.  NATO says Serbian morale is lousy, but Serbia says it is good.  So far the Serbs are winning, the Serbians know it, and NATO (excepting Jamie Shea) knows it.  So probably Serbian morale is high.
  3. Standard military tactics requires a 3:1 advantage to win a set piece battle.  To meet the Serbian army will take between 120,000 and 300,000 troops (depending on whose count you rely upon).  Possibly Yugoslav morale approximately balances NATO air superiority.  But NATO lacks seasoned troops, and is a multinational force.  So far NATO have indicated that they intend to invade with 150,000 troops.
  4. The Serbian army in Kosovo might well not stand for a set piece battle.  The architect for the Yugoslav army was Tito, possibly the greatest guerilla commander of the 20th Century.  I suspect that the Yugoslav army would retreat into the hills, and harry NATO forces from Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro....and that is just for starters....
  5. If Willie occupies Serbia then I suspect that he will find an armed and hostile civilian population.  Every child a potential warrior, every whore an aids infected martyr partisan.  And more Kalishnikovs than people.
  6. It will be a long campaign.  Spin suspects that NATO will need between 500,000 and 750,000 troops, and even with an army that large will take huge losses.  NATO will probably have to kill more Serbians than there were Albanians in Kosovar.
  7. It took twenty German Divisions to contain Tito.  I read somewhere that Slobbo's grandfather killed his mother for breaking under torture.
I suspect the Serbians could make Vietnam or Afghanistan look like a Sunday picnic.  Serbians are not primitive uneducated people.  They might be money poor, but they have a knowledge heritage rooted in the European culture.   NATO might manage to kill them all, but it will not subdue them.

(B) Let us suppose that Willie continues bombing. . .

  1. Unfortunately for Willie, time is against him.
  2. The quality of targets in Serbia is diminishing fast. Now NATO has started destroying hospitals, refugee camps, convoys of cars carrying journalists, houses...
  3. On the 66th day, 639 air sorties managed to "hit" (not destroy) 17 artillery, 2 tanks, 2 mortar positions in Kosovo.  (Huh!  That's probably the normal attrition rate driving around in a paddock.)
  4. NATO says there are about 500,000 Kosovan Albanians hiding in the Kosovan hills.
  5. Kosovo is high mountain country & gets cold in winter, which starts in December.
  6. The US presidential election is in 2000.  The Republicans must be laughing themselves sick.
  7. Willie HAS TO WIN Kosovo.
  8. So Willie has to get a real victory out of Kosovo before Y2K.
  9. In the era of the Internet a few press barons are not enough to spin victory from defeat.
  10. The Matt Drudges of the internet can be relied upon to expose defeat as defeat.
(C) Let us suppose that Willie stops bombing. . .
  1. The refugee flow to Albania & the even larger flow to Macedonia will stop. (Macedonia is preferred because refugees are more likely to go on to a third country from there).
  2. Refugees inside Kosovo will return to their homes.
  3. Possibly refugees in Macedonia & Albania will return.
  4. The KLA terrorist drugrunners will be deleted.  (what's the european price of heroin now?)
  5. Journalists will be invited into Kosovo to see refugees returning to their bombed homes.
  6. Slobbo will say the refugee problem stopped because NATO stopped bombing Kosovo.
  7. Willie will say the refugee problem stopped because Slobbo is trying to make a point.
So Willie is damned whatever he does.  And his polls are eroding.

The only chance for Willie to gain a place in history (if there is to be any history) is to either be indicted for his criminal slaughter of Serbians and Albanians, (not much chance of that) or start WWIII.

As things are trending, history will forget Willie by 2001.  Of course the Bilderberg Group might put up a plaque for him for being a good boy...

So watch warily for WWIII.  Have your survival vehicle packed.


The likelihood that the third and fourth and fifth (and so on up to between the tenth & the twentieth) atomic bombs will be set off in anger seems closer now than at any time in history.

Spin prays that these two nations will come to their senses.