28 May 2001.


The short answer is "because of the 'regulation of investigatory powers act' ".  That law makes it a jail offense for UK people to write down secrets that the police cannot read.

The long answer is because freedom and liberty are being eroded all over Europe, and nobody seems to be able to stop it happening.  Europe is rushing headlong into a unification that will confirm the extinction of the individual and the primacy of bureaucrats.

Can't they see? They should know about politicians by now.

If a politician say that something will make everyone richer, then everyone getting richer is the one thing that will never result.

A unified Europe will no doubt make the lot of elected elites and bureaucrats more comfortable.  Already they are in a nearly unassailable position.   Soon now no individual will dare thumb his nose at authority and then disseminate that thumb.  The evidence is contained in the observation that the internet could never have arisen in Europe, and is in fact growing in Europe now with difficulty.

"So what?" you say.  "Individualism was all right when the world was a young and dangerous place, and there were fewer people.  Now we have greater technology and the world is a more dangerous place.  We cannot have every street hoon having the liberty to own a gun.  Our wives and daughters must be protected from their violence and unlawfulness".


As for security I would rather rely on neighborhood action
than pay oppressive taxes to keep a gang
of politicians & bureaucrats
in luxury.

 - WAHID -

President Wahid should not be forced out.  It is shameful that events have precipitated as they have in Indonesia.

It is quite ridiculous to accuse Wahid of corruption.

President Wahid promised to rid the country of corruption.  The Indonesian people believe that it is the army that has condoned much of the corruption.  The people would not be happy if the army had a hand in Wahid's downfall.  The army has bloody fingers.  dirty hands.

It is unlikely that the people will accept Wahid's removal for corruption.  Megawati should be very careful.

That is a poisoned apple.  Do not listen to the sycophants.

Later - 29 May.

It has been disclosed today that Wahid is not guilty of corruption, yet still, apparently, he is to be impeached.  The elitists who think that they can impeach President Wahid should be warned.  The constitution of a nation is a fragile thing.  That of Indonesia is already bruised.  If President Wahid is impeached, it may well be broken.  If it is broken, then the people of Indonesia will cease to be an entity.   What is left will be gangs of criminal warlords fighting to tax the carcass.

The Palestinians martyr their children to win land.  The Israelis make war to stay alive.

After a war, survivors come back, and (if it can be good when it comes from so much pain) there is a baby boom.

If war is martyrdom, where is the baby boom from?

Whose baby would you want to be?


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