4 June 2001.


In the land of OZ a couple of years ago a couple of layabouts whose dads had BIG piles of dough decided to get "with it" so, looking around, the Packer kid found a couple of ex-school mates who had pioneered a telephone company.  So they bought in.  For $900 mill.

The young heroes had the unbounded confidence of youth in their abilities and could happily ignore precedents (nah, the Fairfax kid was dumb) so they told the mates who used to own the telephone company that they were the brains of the operation, (based on their daddy's doh) and that they (the guys who started the company) should go out and get telephone subscribers at any cost, and let them (the brains trust) look after the thinking work (because their daddys had the doh).  Well they did find lots of subscribers, and they got a $14 million bonus for being good little brownies.

Everything was great while the bubble was still pre-burst. was worth a ton (well $2 billion) of money, and everyone thought that Lachlan & TPK were chips off the old blox.   The bees knees.  And really clever to boot (which many of us had doubted at least one & maybe both of their daddies was).

Then gravity made it's presence felt.  What goes up etc. splatted.  Lachlan & TPK's Dads have suddenly realized that the kidz have lost a lotta doh.  And they might lose more if people thought that Directors should be held responsible for losses....

So egged on by their daddies legal advisers (no doubt) Lachlan & TPK are saying of the intrepid pioneers:

"Oooh! those naughty boys.  They lied to us about how wasn't running outta doh!!"
Well normally that story wouldn't be worth the proverbial pinch of manure, coming out of the mouths of directors.

But then again, daddies Rupert & Kerry are Media Barons, so locally employed print & electro magnetic journalists are backing Lachlan & TPK's story to the hilt.  (Everyone knew how dumb Lachlan & TPK really were all along anyhow, didn't they.  :)

I guess journalists have to eat.  But does that make them human?

Logic suggests that needing to eat is a necessary but not a sufficient test for human-ness.


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