7 June 2001.


In the years before Queen Elizabeth's first visit to Australia in 1951, England was a world power.  From there it has been downhill.

The problem is that politician's ambitions are different to elector's ambitions.

Politicians want a secure job with steadily improving income.
Electors want a secure nation with steadily improving income.

So politicians want to make the political process more biassed towards re-election of the incumbent, and increasing taxes.
Electors want the military security & economic value of the nation's assets to steadily increase, and taxes stay low.

A couple of years ago when Europe became an entity, the common currency (the Euro) was valued more highly than the US dollar.

Since then, it has fallen more rapidly than the Australian Dollar.

That is not what the technocrats who created the Euro forecast.
It was their opinion that it would appreciate as fast or faster than the US$.

I can imagine their spokesperson, in perhaps an Amani suit, speaking from his Brussels fortress, "well perhaps we got it wrong..."

The English Pound (supported as it is by petroleum income) has in that time fallen only slightly.  But on the threat that Blair will abandon the Pound and take England in to Europe, (and, SPIN wagers, without bothering about such little details as a referendum on either), the pound is collapsing.  Why might that be so?

Because a united Europe is pig's heaven.
All that swill (tax) and the other blokes (Brussels) always there to blame.

Of course the heavy taxes will drive the continent into poverty.  But the ones at the top will be better off.

Why else is it that the Euro and now the Pound are down?  Why do those greedy capitalists want their money out of politician's paradise?  Why would they want their money & their investments out of Europe?

Perhaps they do not think that the consumers there will be rich enough to buy their products.

Not all capitalists desert the sinking ship.   Some will be better off.  Rupert will be better off.  He will be better off because he will be given exclusive rights to this and that.  Because he is a part of the path to security.  But most think that they will be worse off.  That is why the Euro and the Pound are falling.

Politicians in Australia know Rupert from bitter experience.  He is unpredictable.  Rupert can change quicker than a politician's smile.


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