17 June 2001.


Sydney Irish-Aboriginal feminist magistrate Pat O'Shane has defended ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Commission) blue eyed aboriginal chairman Geoff Clarke from serial rape charges made by four women and a man (who provided supporting evidence).

The magistrate said words to the effect "a lot of women manufactured stories of being raped."

HEAR! HEAR!  Spin agrees that some women will manufacture stories, especially if they believe that authorities have a commitment to treat their story seriously.   It would be really nice if those women who were found to invent stories were prosecuted.

(While we are on the subject, could someone ask Ms. O'Shane to confirm that for a lot of women, NO means YES?)

But really, Pat, we can believe that one or even two women might manufacture a RAPE! story against Geoff.  But don't you think that asking us to believe that four women had a story is stretching our credibility a bit?  And rumor has it that even more victims are coming forward.  To admit being raped must be a humiliation.  Pat, maybe your judgment is slipping.

SPIN votes we give Geoff Clarke a fair trial and then string him up!



Once again the leftie Journalists of the US are right on line for eggie faces (& to eat crow).

George Bush is, according to reports out of Europe, not acting the belligerent buffoon that American Liberal journalists have portrayed.  Even Moscow Vlad (not to be confused with Impaler Vlad) has reportedly been charmed.

Of course nobody in Moscow or China likes Bush's ABM.  Why would they?  It would render useless their MAD plan. (Mutually Assured Destruction, and who said negotiators don't have a sense of humor:).  Europe doesn't like ABMs either - both France and Britain are MAD.  It is likely that Israel & India would approve ABM if anybody asked them.  (Those democratic nations are surrounded by highly aggressive but less technological dictatorships.)   Probably most of Eastern Europe would like the USA to develop an ABM.  Those countries have felt "the Yoke" of soviet control recently, and anything that might serve to reduce the power of a resurgent Russia is good news.

The liberal journalists of the "free world" would rather present their public with the seeming of a united world going MAD.

Like MAD, KYOTO is built upon flawed arguments.  For instance, it proposes that a "per capita pollution" allocation is fair.  That is quite ridiculous.  For instance, the production of food is a pollution intensive process.  So if the USA produces food that feeds the starving in North Korea, the USA gets penalized for the extra pollution.

Why don't those journalists get real?

If global warming is BAD, why doesn't someone catalog the disasters will occur if the world warms up?  A one meter rise in the sea level by 2100 can hardly be classified as a "disaster".  If global warming causes increased rainfall, it might well be a bonanza.

And as for the fuss about the USA developing an ABM?   If the USA doesn't develop an ABM there will probably be a computer game out of India or Japan or USA within half a decade called "NUKE SHIELD" or somesuch, & that game will likely have a subroutine that (with slight modifications) could drive an "off the shelf" high performance SAM up the spout of any Nuke available.

Come to think of it, that is probably a cheaper & better option for the US taxpayer.


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