15 July 2001.


SPIN has a feeling of Deja Vu - Re Berlin 1936.

The problem is not that China obtained the Olympics.  The problem is with how the Olympics are allocated.

For most politicians the administrative setup of the Olympic committee must look like a wet dream come true.  No elections, no overseeing authority (except a nebulous "world") and no nasty details like a military to keep the victims (er..public) in line.  And a monopoly on the product.

Perhaps it is time that the selection process was taken out of the hands of (to quote an Australian Prime Minister describing the Australian Senate) "those unrepresentative swill".   The Olympic committee should be limited in it's duties to merely certifying that an applicant city has met minimal predefined criteria that would permit the competitors to "do their thing".  Then run a lottery to see who gets to run the games.  The funds currently allocated to provide a luxury lifestyle to the members of the Olympic Committee could be used to provide adequate facilities at no cost to the host country.

But of course that is an impossible dream.
It will never come about because there is no chance of bribery and corruption.

It is quite clear that the Olympic Committee is not allocating the venue on moral grounds.

In passing I would like to state that the reasons given by the Australian Government for our support of China obtaining the Olympics make me deeply ashamed.  (The Australian Government has stated that it believes that Australia will benefit from increased trade).

What our government is doing with their vocal support is legitimizing a criminal junta, and criminalizing those brave pacifists whom the Chinese government executes because they have made a peaceful assembly and have demonstrated against tyranny.  This vocal support is as great a crime as was the recognition of the Invasion of East Timor.

If for no other reason, I totally condemn the Chinese ruling junta for the following reasons.

  1. Their population control policies.  Not only are they disgusting, but since educated women tend to practice birth control, they are totally unnecessary.
  2. Their conquest and mistreatment of ethnic minorities.  Tibet is the most publicized of many instances.
  3. Their murder of political dissidents and use of their cadavers for medical replacement parts.
I would like to see every Chinese junta member subject to the judgement of the Tao Te Ching:
"He who uses a sharp knife will be lucky if he does not cut himself"


The USA is about to conduct a test preliminary to development of an ABM system that will allow it to take out ICBM's.

This is something that SPIN supports. (1)(2).

Not before time.  Thank God!


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