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26 January 2000

The Indian people are winning the propoganda/credibility war with Pakistan.  Air terrorism will not be tolerated by the international community.

Democratic India is far too frequently overshadowed in reports by excitingly undemocratic China.  Perhaps our political and business leaders envy the Chinese leaders the simplicity of their autocratic government.


China will find it hard to make it's economy efficient without the internet.  On the other hand, it will be difficult for autocratic rulers if the Chinese people discover the personal freedom that exists outside the bamboo curtain.


President Wahid is performing in a very enlightened manner in an extremely difficult situation.  The case for divestment of Ambon was always very weak, Ambon has been joined administratively to Indonesia for centuries.  Timor was an unrecognized annexation (except for Australia).


The undemocratic Burmese generals are becoming more widely known throughout the world as the cruel dictators that they are.  How long do they think that they can hold out?  There is no place to escape.


Matahir is teetering on tiptoe to maintain stability.  The country is losing democratic credibility with the people.


Singapore is another (and more extreme) example of the failure of the separation of powers in the democratic system of government.  The special problem in Singapore is the weakness of the opposition.  This is very dangerous, because when a change does come, the new government and the governed both lack the experience to practice restraint, and changes might become excessive.


Bill Clinton has recovered well from Monicagate and the Serbian adventure.  His self effacing diplomacy in Indonesia is very helpful for democracy in that country.


Arrogant Prime Minister Howard and Quisling Meg Lees continue to ignore the Australian people's voice about the GST.   Australians do not want government coffers to have a healthy inflow of funds, because the codicil to Murphy's law shows that government expenditure will always expand to exceed income.

We need direct Democracy.

This update 26 January 2000.

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