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MARCH 2010.


Al Jazeera?

The Israeli secret service Mossad has been exposed as the criminal culprit who murdered the renowned freedom fighter
Abu Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.  The Israeli government is stonewalling those charges, and claims that there is no evidence.  This is despite the fact that of the gang of 27 identified by Dubai authorities as responsible for the murder, many were carrying passports that identified them as foreign residents of Israel.  The governments of the UK and Australia have protested to the Zionist embassies about forgeries of their passports.  Since the murder, there have been a flood of applicants to do Jihad against the Zionists.

Jerusalem Post?

The Israeli intelligence service Mossad has been accused of executing an Hamas murderer in Dubai.  In line with the policy of governments worldwide, the Israeli government has declined to comment.  The approximately 27 people identified on CCTV as possible suspects carried forged passports from first world countries that obtain expedited entry to Dubai.  Some of the original passport holders are residents of Israel.  At least two of the suspects departed for Iran.  Since the execution, Mossad has been flooded with employment applications.


Whatever.  It seems to me that the forged passport holders should have been traceable from wherever to Dubai.  And their destinations out of Dubai should have been sorted.  If it was Mossad, they were very sloppy to be seen on CCTV, and very stupid to forge the passports of resident visitors.  On the other hand, Mossad has form for this type of operation, and the operation was professional.  According to Robert Baer, an ex CIA operative, "at least 25 operatives are needed to carry out something like this".


The UK "Sun" has run a scare headline that
A CAMERAPHONE application that finds names and addresses of total STRANGERS was blasted as a "stalker's dream" last night.

Welcome to the world of Pandora mark 2.  However even the original Pandora let out bugs that ate other bugs.  Spiders to eat flies.  The Preying Mantis.

What is needed is a guardian App that would warn the owner if somebody accessed material (was doing a trace) on them.  Then the guardian application should attempt to identify the person who is doing the trace.

I expect that would be stalkers would have to become very much more circumspect if they feared that they might lose their anonymity.

Another application could be developed that would identify persons with criminal records, and (for example) warn parents if known pedophiles were grooming their children or alert staff in a jewelery shop when a known holdup man entered the shop.

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