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November 2023 Government
October 2022 Research scandals,Ukraine.
October 2021 Gladys, Climateozdiary/ozdiary19121.html
August, September Afghanistan, "Wolf", Media Sources.
July, August 2021Experts.
April, May, June 2021 Dictators.
January February March 2021 Xi, Putin, Myanmar
December 2020 How Hack Election, The Australian, Parking Meters
November 2020 Trump lost?
September 2020 ABC & Daniel, USA presidential politics.
July 2020 Censorship.
June 2020 Covid-19
April 2020 Cardinal Pell, Ruby Princess, Speculations, Nasrudin.
March 2020 NSW Traffic Authority, Diamond Princess.
January February 2020 Wuhan Covid-19
November December 2019 Climate, Bushfire, Brexit
September October 2019 Boris, Separitists, Our ABC, Dumb. Trump & Obama.
May-August 2019 China, Epstein, Warmist fantasies.
January-April 2019 Electric Cars, Traffic Matters. FLUX
December 2018 Trapwire, The new politics.
November 2018 Ben Santer, California, City Parks.
September 2018 Scripal, ABC.
August 2018 Politics
July 2018 `Trump in EU, Ricardo, Assange.
June 2018 First Amendment, Comment Australian, Totalitarianism
May 2018 Live Exports, Presidential Liar,Assange, Justified Kidnap.
April 2018 Comey,
March 2018 Microeconomics. Spy.
February 2018 Fake Science, Guns.
January 2018 Assange, Oriel, Turkey & Kurds.
December 2017 Australia, China, Sex, Jerusalem, DPRK,Hillary.
November 2017 Middle East, Africa, USA, Australia.
August 2017 Plebiscites
July 2017 Paris Accord, Economics of 100MWH Battery.
June 2017 Malcolm & Finkel
May 2017 Truth or Lies. Comey, Chomsky, ABC
April 2017 Syria. DPRK. Amalgamation NSW
March 2017 NEWS, Costello, Secession. Healthgate
February 2017 Trump-v-Turnbull, THAAD, Russians, Government, Green, Journalism, Koran on Women.,
January 2017 China, Council, ABC, Electricity, Disputes, Media, Government.
December 2016 Assange, Torture, Koran, Alleppo, Obeid, Naplan, Secession, Trumped.
November 2016. Trump. Media.
October 2016 Elite, Baird, Trump, Malcolm, Warner, Xi, EDUCATION.
September 2016 Technology, Brexit et al, Menzies & PACs
August 2016 Desperation showing, Analysis of Politicians, Technology, Trade & Labour.
July 2016 Brexit, OZ Election

June 2016 Terror, Chinese Law, Eyebuydirect, Sharapova, Orlando, Denier, Media.
May 2016 Trump. Brexit. Turnbull Baird. List of Shame.
April 2016 Senate Voting, In the Narrative, TAFE, Hernandoz.
March 2016 Menzies. Flux
February 2016 LDP National conference. Open letter to Assange.  Refugees. ISIS.
January 2016 MH370, Ingress & Politics.
December 2015 Terror and armed citizens. Finns & Swiss & Welfare. Media. Taxation. 
November 2015 IPART, ISIS
October 2015 Politics & TPP, Volkswagen, Narratives & Internet
September 2015 Abbott & Volkswagen.
August 2015 Technology & Media, Assange, Oil, Dyson Heydon, Privacy, Refugee.
July 2015 Greece. Corruption. Taxation. Isis.
June 2015 Sydney Lord Mayor, TPP, Partitioning States.
April 2015 Feast of Conspiracies.  Ice. Dr.Karl
March 2015  Libertarian Lament.  IG4
January 2015 Employment and Income, Medicare rebate.
December 2014 Unholy alliance: ABC - Al Jazeera.
November 2014 HongKong Updat
October 2014 Hong Kong. EBOLA.
September 2014 Warmist Alarmists.
August Hamas, ISIL, Ebola, Ukraine, Scotland.
July. Refugees, Hamas & Fatah, Clive Palmer.
June Pyne's Education, China, Malcolm & Tony, Honour Killings, ISI
May 2014 Political Corruption NSW, Clive Palmer, Voting irregularities
April 2014 Transcendance
March 2014 Ukraine, MH370
February 2014 ABC bias on Israel.
January 2014 Climate change revisited, SPCA.
December 2013.  Five Eyes, China, Qantas, MiddleEast.
November 2013  Snowden, Murdoch, Cameron, Australia.
October 2013 Snowden, Murdoch, Cameron, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia
September 2013 Syria, MidEeast Politics.
August 2013.  NSA.  Economy.  ABC-V-NEWS.  AFGHANISTAN.  EGYPT.  SYRIA.
July 2013 Rudd, Snowden, Cando, Allan Jones.
June 2013 Wikileaks, Manning, Snowden. Misbehaving Governments.
May 2013 Cultural Hegemony, Oz Politics, World Economy, Middle East.
April 2013 Green Narrative 2
March 2013 Green narrative, Fiji, Local Politics, Superannuation.
February 2013 Julia and MRRT and Rudd and stuff.
January 2013 Cory Doctorow, Gun Debate.
December 2012 Quiz, Guns USA & Facebook, Fiscal Cliff.
November 2012 Shale Energy, Criminals in Government.
September October 2012 Arabs & Muslims, QE3 & Draghi, Allan Jones.
July August 2012 Shanghai,
June 2012 Malcolm Turnbull
May 2012 World Economy, Thomson & Slipper, Regulatory Capture.
April 2012 Labour brand, Work Choices, Murdoch, Recall Elections.
March 2012 World Power, Clive Palmer Conspiracy, Ethyl Gas E10
February 2012 World Economy, Rudd
January 2012  Regulatory Capture, Dual Councilor MPs, Press freedom and Occupy, SOPA.
December 2011 Narratives, Carbon capture, RTA road workers.
November 2011 World instability, Assange, Greece, Open Letter Rupert Murdoch.
September-October 2011 China, Politics, Shalit, Qantas, Bryce, Greens, Occupy Sydney, Wikileaks, Burnside.
August 2011 RTA, Energy, Capitalism, Bin Laden, Politics.
July 2011 Norway, Politics, BDS, Media.
June 2011 Data, Wikileaks.
May 2011  China & GFC, Bin Laden, DSK & IMF.
April 2011  Sydney Radio, Unions, Media, Keli Lane, Confest & Burning Man.
March 2011 World Catastrophe, Professional Alarmists .
January-February 2011 Offline, Egypt, Julia.
December 2010 Wikileaks, Oprah, Airbus, NBN
November 2010 G20, NBN, Wikileaks & Copyright, VAustralia.
October 2010 New York, Narrative on QE2, NY, Philly, Washington, VAustralia.
September 2010 Politics, Koran, BHP Potash, Lucy's Pussy.
August 2010 Election stuff, Paul Hogan, Philosophy of FictioAn.
July 2010 Birdsville, Bourkas, Refugees, Lockerbie, Abbott & Gillard .
June 2010 Murdoch
May 2010 Rudderless, Murdoch & IPAD, Israel, Politics in the Pub.
April 2010 Ruddite, Hawking, Keen, Google, World Economy.
March 2010 Mossad, Phone Apps.
February 2010 Politics, Murdoch style Marshall Macluhan..
January 2010 The Crash, Whaling, IPCC Alarmists .
December 2009 Carbon Capture, Tony Abbott, Moti, Censorship.
November 2009 Malcolm Turnbull, Copyrort, flexible leadership, Climate Alarmists, Rudd's doing?
October 2009 Liberalism, Flabbergasted, Copyright & Patent tax.
September 2009 Economic narratives, web censors, Rudd.
August 2009 China, October, Prophecies, Democracy.
July 2009 China, Copyright, Culture.
June 2009 Murdoch, Exetel, Airbus, Iran*2, Burlosconi, Depression, Rudd & Turnbull, TARP, Honduras.
May 2009 Banks, Swineflu, Bulltrap
April 2009 Rudderless broadband, Boat People, Terrorists who kill Children, Copyright, H1N1
March 2009 WOW, Toxic assets, great land grab.
February 2009 The Second Great Depression, October 2007 - 2011.
January 2009  Israel Gaza, Apologies Nicholson, netnanny, BBC & Israel, Welcome Obama.
December 2008 Money & Value, Bill of Rights, Rudd, Democracy Instability .
November 2008 Obama, Telstra, Lights, Recession,Clover Moore.
October 2008  Economics Metaphor, Kondratiev, Turnbull, Bali 3, Einfeld.
September 2008.  Union Boys, Oil & Forex, Financial institutions, Morality.
August 2008 R.K.Morgan, Privacy, OZ interest rates, Georgia & Serbia, Capitalism in crisis.
July 2008 Garnaut, Direct Government, Iran.
June 2008 Econony, Politics
May 2008  Teachers, SUV's & IAG/MBF
April 2008 World GDP, Demutualizing MBF, Henry Thornton, Chris Murphy, TPK
March 2008 Education in Oz, Banking, Reap the whirlwind, Liberalism
February 2008 Economy, Banking, Wartoys, Federal, Labour in Power, Corruption, US Elections
January 2008 Requiem PPM, Germane, The Crash 101, Locked in, Copyright, Telstra, The Crash, OZ Politics
December 2007 Julian Moti, Kevin, NIE, Kosovo
November 2007 Refugee 1940
November 2007 World Economy, Telstra, Election Countdown.
October 2007 Citizen Murdoch, Stuff of Thought, ABM.
September 2007 Banking & Money, Liberalism & Democracy, APEC & Beatty & Carbon Trading.
August 2007 Current events - Market, Rudd & Howard.
July 2007 Pollution & Climate Change, Global Warming.
June 2007 Not Sorry, Current Events
May 2007 Productivity, Workplace agreements, Budget, FN Queensland, Darwin, Kimberleys, Isa, Karumba.
April 2007, Darwin, Black Tulips, Alice Springs, SA Outback, OZ Backpacker, Iran war?
March 2007 Rudd.
February 2007 Iran & Iraq.

January 2007 Chinese Weapons Tech, Global Warming, Democracy in small states, Oil & alternatives.
December 2006 Iraq, Wordpress.