It was because Whoopi, Jackson, Schumer, Beyonce, Clooney, DiCaprio, Lopea, Madonna, Springsteen et al promised to leave if Trump were elected.

If they don't leave, can I take my vote back?  I mean building a wall is going to be expensive, but if it would keep them out that was fair enough.

(Just kidding.  As an Ozzie, I don't get to vote.)

TRUMP 4th November.

The Donald is still scoring.  Even the elite journalists at fivethirtyeight (aka "Valium for Liberals") now hesitatingly are beginning to admit it.

They have the reason wrong.  Elitist journalists say it's dirty trix by the FBI.

It's not the FBI.  It's just that Hillary is a total loser, and most of us do not want to be ruled by a loser.
  • She lied and got found out.
  • She got subpoenaed and tried (and failed) to kill the evidence.
  • She screwed up Libya, (following Obama's tradition of total screw up for the last seven years of the middle east.)
Of course Trump is getting some help from Assange and Rupert and the FBI.
  • Rupert is an example of why the Anglosphere has been so successful over the past century or more.  He is a person with civic responsibility, and the PC elite are not able to muzzle him.
  • I wonder if Hillary is regretting that she did not offer some sort of peace to Julian?
  • And where was the media outrage when the FBI didn't charge Hillary over destroying subpoenaed evidence?  Most ordinary people go to gaol if they do that.

9th November

Congratulations Donald.

20th November

Malcolm is skyting that he was the second foreign leader to congratulate Trump.  While it might go down well with some ozzies, I think that so far as Trump is concerned, he is skatinhg on thin ice.  Now if he had talked to "The Donald" before the election, like he did to Hillary, that might have carried more weight.

Oh, and btw Malcolm. I hope you have cleared moving our refugees to the USA with Trump.  I mean, I know that you don't need to if it happens before 20th January,  but I think you better dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s.

28th November.  More clues on why Trump won are leaking out.  Castro died, expatriates in Miami are celebrating, and the media is wondering whether Donald's "opposition to Obama's improvement in relations with Cuba will soften."  First I heard of that, but the rejoicing in Miami does help to explain why Florida went Trump.

I wonder what else wasn't brought to our notice by the elite's "connected".  The trouble for the elite is, money doesn't always buy the best advice.


In an earlier incarnation, I was teaching an engineering class of mixed nationalities.  Chinese, Indians, Middle Eastern, Europeans, Americans and Ozzies.

Out of interest I posed the question: "Hands up those who think that public access to guns makes society safer".

A few hands went up. I only asked one question.  "Where do you come from"?

A Texan. And two Afghans.

Hey Donald. A suggestion.  Reduce your overseas interventions.

Don't send soldiers.  Send rifles (free if necessary!) like a US version of the Kalashnikov that is simple to operate & low maintenance.  Send them to those people who are being oppressed by military regimes.

Assert that the US second amendment applies not just to US citizens, but to the human race.

With any luck the oppressors will become a little less repressive.

(and while you are at it, assert that the first amendment also applies to the whole of the human race)


The Australian Broadcasting Commission is a publicly funded (Over $1billion p/a) radio and TV broadcaster.  That is far too much (my share is $1,000,000,000/20,000,000 which is $50 p/a, and that assumes that babies are paying equal shares.)   There was a suggestion floated recently. Why not fund the ABC by subscriber donation?  Surely there must be a way of "taxing" by usage?

At the very least, there should be some sort of poll on the presenters, and those who are not popular should be let go.

For my $50 I would insist that ABC "commentators" be forced to take an IQ test.  A bit like that suggested by Virginia. 

The national broadcaster is only a small part of a sickness of our society.  That sickness can be generalized in the observation:

Any position of power will be controlled by those who stand to obtain the greatest benefit from the exercise of that power.

For instance:
  • Pollster organizations will be controlled by the media that accepts money to form the opinions polled.  Hence Hillary was polled as the winner because she was spending most on advertising, and the money the advertisers got was because they were (polled as) producing results.
  • Politicians are elected by minorities who stand to gain the most from asymmetric legislative treatment.  So Developers seek control of local & state government.
  • Media personalities are employed for the opinions they hold, not for their intelligence. For example the ABC hires journalists that kowtow to politicians.

Mike Baird does appear to be all out providing development land to developers.  He makes the developer Mehajer (Mayor of Lidcombe) look like an amateur.

The list of "gifts" is growing. 

  • Council Mergers calculated to put the major parties in control of local government,
  • Crown Land "gifted" to local government.
  • Dog tracks sold to developers.
  • The "Powerhouse Museum" in the old electricity generation power station in Ultimo is to be moved from it's prime inner city location and sold to developers.

The general idea seems to be get as much stuff to developers as possible inside four years, get his mates to organize for favorable press and don't really expect to be elected for a second term. ( Just think how happy those developers would be for those windfalls!)

But then, maybe Mike thinks like Hillary. Maybe he thinks "we the people" are idiots and will believe his narrative.

13 November

The results are in for the Orange bye election, and Mike Baird has lost the absolutely secure National seat (Held by a 35% majority at last election) to the shooters party.  Pundits are ascribing it to the Councils Amalgamation issue, with some credit to the Greyhound ban.

Don't worry Mike, you will be rich (in an ethical sense, having done the right & moral thing) before the next general election.  You will be able to retire from politics, so IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER if voters are upset.

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