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At "Politics in the Pub" last week there was an erudite speaker (Satyajit Das) who commented that the economic crisis in the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) was not likely to go away, and that since Europe was the main trading partner with the US and China, then this problem could bring the world into another "great depression".

He further commented that the signs were already present that the Australian economy was in for a rough time.  This was indicated by recent reports of workers being laid off by banks, BHP etc, and by
other reports that new investment was falling.  He also pointed out that China and the USA were major Australian trade partners.

Of course our government seems to be actively seeking to sabotage our economy by seeking to drive many marginal businesses into bankruptcy or make them uneconomic.

One cannot help but notice that the Unions have captured the regulatory process.  Punishing regulations whose main beneficiaries are union bosses have been enacted or are mooted in shipping, mining, air transport, telecommunications (NBN) and building (BER, Batts).

Why is it that there is so little investigation by "Fair Work" of the Thomson matter?  What has happened to the police investigation of "Undue influence" by government MP's over "Fair Work"?


After attacks by Simple Simon and other "faceless men" and no support from Prime Minister Julia, Foreign Minister Kevin made an accusatory speech and climbed into a plane for Australia,

Julia has announced a leadership spill for Monday 27th February.  My guess is, Kevin has not got a chance.  Labour party heavies would rather that Labour  lose power for decades without Kevin, rather than win with Kevin.  It's not the principle, it's personal power play.  Not one of them would have a chance at a cabinet position.

I suspect Kevin, who is about as devious as they come, might proposition Tony Abbott.  He could offer to switch allegiance, declare his disillusion with the corrupt Labour movement, support a no confidence motion, and remain Foreign Minister in the new Abbott government.  With his electoral appeal he could slot in as one of the five most powerful members of the Liberal party.  Unlike most labour party heavies, Kevin is not a proven liar, and although I do not agree with his foreign policy ambitions, they are tolerable.

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