Back in March I was highly dubious that the Skripal poisoning was from Russia.  I still have reservations engendered by the UK refusal to give samples to the Russians.  I even suggested that the then unnamed Russians blamed were probably tourists.

Of course I felt vindicated when found them and put them on TV.

Now it seems that the UK has established that one of the persons caught on camera both before the incident and on the incident was a Putin decorated spy.  This does add an extra dimension to the issue.


Just to clarify.

In past years I have noticed that the ABC 24 News channel has become a TV station of "commentators" (Which in my day were called "Commenters").  The standard of commentary has also collapsed.

Once news readers used to be "Reporters".  I still recall some young journalist complaining that he was being constrained from making comments on the news he read.     Now it has become open slather.  Commentators commonly use words like "Cunt" and display smirks to the camera and shout down interviewees daily.

When Emma Alberici the ABC's Economics expert commented on the Turnbull Tax package, she confabulated "Profit" with "Gross Receipts".  By doing that, she implied that Turnbull was letting all his rich mates rip off Australian Taxpayers by not taxing companies with sales of $1 billion, without explaining that they had actually made a trading loss. 

Of course if I were not a conservative I would probably not object.  Because most of the ABC Journalists are "Lefties".  And accuracy is not important if your intentions are "Noble".

However the ABC has a code of practice which requires accurate unbiased reporting.

On 24th September Manager Michelle Guthrie was sacked for not doing her job properly.  She was not seeking to correct the inaccuracies and bias.

There was an outcry by ABC journalists.  Stories were circulated that Chairman Milne had tried to influence Guthrie to sack Commentators at the behest of Prime Minister Turnbull.  Turnbull unequivocally denied that charge.  Some days later, ABC Chairman Milne resigned.

Half of the online comments in "The Australian" suggested the ABC should be closed.  The other half suggested sacking of the Lefty "Commentators" and hiring actual experts who just report facts and not mislead the public.

This was despite the rather neutral tones of most of "The Australian" journalists whose stories had those online comments appended.  I suspect many of "The Australian" journalists are sympathetic towards the ABC journalists.