Today's Australian carried a story on Assange and the Hillary emails. Last month I wrote about Hillary.

Most of the reader's comments were disparaging. 

My take is that Hilary's emails should have been published by CNN or FOX or other high profile news media. The fact that she broke the law was NEWS, and (despite my careful reading) the only damage potentially done was to Hillary's reputation.

Personally I do not like it if information is concealed about someone who stands for public office.  In my opinion, Assange was acting in the public interest. So what if (as is alleged by various Democrats) the Russians were the source of the information.  (So far as I am concerned the Russians are the good guys, and have been since they fought Adolf.)   

Back to reality.  Trump would probably not mind if Assange were free and traveling in the US. But the Democrats would be most upset. Assange was responsible for their loss of the Presidency. So while the Russians are still blamed, Assange stays in jail.

In a later story there were positive comments


Jennifer Oriel is a journalist whose name keeps cropping up in my research because of her insight.

Her most recent was "Elites beware, a populist tidal wave looms"

The gist was that "Trump is the harbinger of a populist tidal wave, and the wealthy and powerful of the world had better watch out."

The wealthy and powerful (aka "The Elite") are most certainly attacking Trump.  They cannot understand why their traditional media is not controlling voting patterns as it has historically.  Their favoured journalists are having conniptions, telling outrageous lies, all to make trump unpopular enough to impeach.

The elite do not yet understand the profound revolution that has resulted from the social media.  Now individuals can judge via Facebook and Twitter the person for whom they will vote.

We don't have to rely on
biassed summaries by journalists who present attention grabbing headlines about conspiracy.  Close examination of at least one of those headlines shows it to be without substance.

Already the wealthy and powerful are complaining.  The owners of Facebook and Twitter are on the public record.  Movie stars denounce Trump.

Why is that?  IT IS BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP IS NOT OWNED.  He did not get massive contributions. He is not in it for $$$.

He is in it because he wants to be liked.

At stake is the wealth of the top 0.001%  of the world's population. This is because their wealth depends on purchased legislation that favours their monopoly businesses.  Once power is stripped from their puppets it will not take long for popular legislators to remove those legislated aids to monopoly theft.

We already have examples of how to improve democracy in Switzerland and Iceland.  With Computer technology we could easily poll the population on any laws.  We don't need REPRESENTATIVE government any more.  We can have DIRECT GOVERNMENT.  Such as FLUX offers.


  After not helping with ISIS, the Turks are invading that part of Syria inhabited by Kurds.  The reason? The Kurds have been fighting Isis and look like they might form a separate state.

Why would that worry the Turks?  Well the population of Turkey is 80 million, and about 20% are Kurds.  Those Kurds are oppressed.

Compare the Turks, (who were the major world power for 7 centuries until around 1700AD, and are still one of the most civilized peoples in the world - just ask any Muslim) with the United Kingdom, (who were a backward primitives and minor world power before 1600AD, but lucked out with having coal at the start of the industrial revolution.  Again, just ask any Muslim.)

In the UK the Scots indicated they might want to separate, so the UK gave them a referendum.  The Turks, when confronted by a significant minority sent in the army and suppressed would be separatists. (A bit like the attitude of the Chinese in Tibet, Spanish in Catalonia, Serbs in Kosovo etc....)

As Jennifer Oriel reported in the article cited above, analysis seems to show that Rome and Holland and Venice faded and fell because of greedy elitists (who know better than the masses how to govern the masses) who encouraged the importation of cheap labour.

If elitist government is best, how come Switzerland and Iceland are still doing so well?  How come Trump's USA has not collapsed economically?

Come to think of it, I think NSW could do better without the rest of Australia like a millstone about it's neck!

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