Short recap:  There were endless polls before 4th November of which ~97% showed that Biden would win overwhelmingly.

In the meantime, various Democrat states had been quietly enacting "enabling" laws for postal votes.  In some states a postal vote was mailed out to everyone a month before the vote.  In some states the postal vote had to arrive before the 4th November. In others by 7th November.  And other variations.

Then on the day Trump was ahead in electoral college votes. Except "Postal Votes" had still to be counted.  Biden had been worried about Covid, so had encouraged his voters to vote by mail.

Soon the numbers came in, and Biden did a catchup.  Trump's "observers" were kept well away (between 5 meters and 100 meters) and complained that they could not observe.  Trump tried to halt the count until a judicial opinion on counting.  Facebook and Google began to censor posts that questioned the validity of the vote.

By 8th November the newspapers were declaring for Biden.  Including the Murdoch machine.

The media is united in condemning Trump for not accepting their verdict.

And on 10th November the news is out. There are several Covid Vaccines, 90% effective.  That news was a week too late to help Trump.

I expect Trump and the deplorables will continue fighting.  But unlike their "elite" opponents, who mostly come from the wealthiest parts of the USA, they do not fight with lethal weapons, like Antifa.