JULY 2018


The ABC radio (Australian Broadcasting) was what I grew up with in the 50's.  Then with TV I followed the ABC. In all that time the news was presented without comment.  Oh sure, they chose what was news. But I never got the feeling that the presenter thought one side was morally "in the right".

Nowadays I have the morning TV tuned to ABC24 and muted while listening to Allan Jones.  I get my humor from watching the frumpy luvvie having silent conniptions about Trump. I get the interesting stuff from Allan, who allows contrary views be heard.

The effect of the internet and fb et al has been to rob the networks of power.  Now we get to know about stuff that the big networks want quiet. Perhaps that is why the luvvies have conniptions?

Take for example the news on Trump.  The CIA has, just before Trump meets up with Putin, listed 12 Russians who allegedly conspired to hack the DNC.  The Australian networks and CNN are taking it all as proven fact.

I have been a programmer (assembler level) and can't imagine how the CIA or FBI could hack a halfway competent hacker's hack.  I mean, did those Russians hack the DNC from the Kremlin?  Gimme a break!  OK so maybe they got someone? to talk.  How much did they pay him? What gaol term did he/she avoid?  etc? etc?  As for Assange? He won't have a clue who gave him the stuff. Guccifer2? What's that? Don't tell me. It's a combination of God and Lucifer.

Let me anticipate today (16th July) the outcome of the Trump-Putin meetup.  This outcome is what the Deep State and the democrats would hate.

  1. Trump wants the US out of Syria.  So he will ask for everyone (Iranians, Russians and US) out of Syria.
  2. The Kurds must be left alone.  No formal recognition (Turkey would invade). Maybe a token US &/or Russian presence to dissuade a Turkish invasion.
  3. Trump will take steps towards recognizing Crimea as Russian. That is the tradeoff for getting out of Syria and looking after the security of the Kurds and Israelis.

Crimea was a Russian province since Crimea was taken from the Ottoman empire in 1783.  That is before Europeans settled in Australia.  Currently less than 25% of Crimeans are Ukrainian.  Crimea was transferred from the Russian to the Ukraine Soviet in 1956 (When Sputnik was launched). The reason for the transfer was "territorial proximity".  Russia has no land connection to Crimea, so e.g. the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic tax gatherers for Russia would have needed to make a boat trip to tax the Russian Crimean territory.

Of course maybe none of the above will eventuate.

LATER 21st July

Well the Democrats really were having conniptions about the Trump Putin meetup.  We don't know if Trump did the above suggested deal.  He had a one on one secret talk for a couple of hours.  Something was said.  The Democrats want to question the interpreter.

Putin responded to the charge of 12 Russians hacking Hillary with the offer "The US can come to Russia and interview those alleged hackers with our blessing.    In exchange there is this billionaire Bill Browder and associates who committed tax fraud of $1.5 billion in the Russia.  They sent $400 Million as a campaign contribution to Hillary.  We would like to interview him and 11 others associated".

The response from the 11 prospective interviewees?  "Chilling." "Shocking", "Cockamamie"

Browder's response? "I'm not US citizen, I didn't contribute to Hillary, I've not been to US for 29 years.  Putin has accused me of murders, being CIA and MI6. He is unhinged".

Well he would say that, wouldn't he?

I for one would love those interviews of Russians and Americans to happen.

One can only suspect that the US by it's refusal is indicating that either:
1) It has something to hide; or
2) It does not have
a good case against the 12 Russians; or
3) It has something to hide & does not have a good case against the 12 Russians.


The British economist Ricardo was responsible for the theory of "comparative advantage" explaining how free trade benefited all participants.  His example was to show that although Portugal could produce both Port and Cloth cheaper than the UK, nevertheless both benefited most if Portugal exported Port and UK exported cloth.

Trump appears to have spotted a flaw.  The Chinese put a heavy tax on US goods, and buy US treasury bonds with the cash they get. This has the effect of causing the value of the US dollar to rise, and the Yuan to fall.

So Trump's response has been to put a heavy tax on Chinese goods.

Already the US economy is booming.

The Chinese attempt to retaliate by not importing Soya beans.  They continue to buy US Treasuries.

The Russians (God bless their smart little hearts) can see the writing on the wall.  They are selling US Treasuries.

Make no mistake.  Trump's strategy will work.  The $US will fall, the US economy will boom, US interest rates will rise (but not enough to make it worth riding them down.)

The other strategy that Trump adopted was to lower business tax rates to 21%.  He identifies that as a boost to the economy.  Our Malcolm thinks like Trump in that respect.  Regrettably he seems unable to get the support needed to make it law.


I am a subscriber to "The Australian".  As a subscriber I have the right to publicly comment on stories. 

Today (30/7) there was a story "Ecuador embassy set to give Assange the boot".

I have a history of writing on Julian. Here about ICE.  Here is a report of a report on rt.com.  

I wrote two comments on the Assange article.  Both were censored.  I quote my second comment verbatim.

So what is Julian accused of doing? Oh he published US top secret documents? And they came from Hillary's secret server?  So why wasn't Hillary prosecuted? Maybe because she is Democrat and the deep state is Democrat?

And he got it from the Russians?  OMG!! Those same 12 Russians that the deep state (Sorry, CIA) wants to interview? Not those same 12 Russians that Russia offered to make available for questioning?  As a quid pro quo they wanted to interview 12 Americans about a thief who stole a few $BILLION and gave Hillary a few $MILLION (presumably for her election).  The Americans would put the questions in the USA so it's just an expose.

US RESPONSE WAS:  But they can't do that!!!  Out of the question!!! (Why???)

I do not think that the UK would have extradited Julian to the USA.  The UK High Court has a mind of it's own.  That was why the "extradition to Sweden" option was used.

I do not think the USA actually has a case. Except maybe in Guantanamo. He did not break US laws whilst on US territory.  He was just doing what I expect a journalist/reporter (Covered by the First Amendment) to do.

Which is research and report on information that comes to hand.

The trouble is, the "Swedish option" is still available.  It will be interesting to see whether the UK High Court and the US Supreme Court think he has committed a crime.

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