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Posting by twit:
"Handing AS (Asylum Seekers) back to SL (Sri Lankar) navy at sea redolent off(sic) handing Jews to Nazis in 1930s"

Redolent according to Oxford dictionary:
"strongly reminiscent or suggestive of"

This twit raises a huge number of issues.  Foremost to my mind, by a large amount, is the disrespect for the Jewish people murdered and the belittling of the attempted genocide of the Jewish race by the Nazis during WWII.  Approximately 70% of the Jewish population in Europe was murdered.

In the 1930s the gas ovens were not in use.  However any mention of Nazi and Jew in the same sentence is redolent of gas ovens and genocide (attempt to murder all members of a genotype).

Allegedly the German propaganda machine called Jews "terrorists".  Evidence for that is absent.  The count of Germans killed in the 1930s  by Jewish terrorists is zero.  The best evidence appears to be the alleged "declaration of war" by an alleged Jewish newspaper "Natscha Retsch".

OTOH let us look at the Tamils in Sri Lankar.  They were living peacefully for centuries.  There is dispute about their origins, with argument about recent invaders from India as one thread, or being occupants since 200BC on the other.

After the British left Ceylon in 1948 the situation degenerated, with a gradual increase in ethnic riots until the mid 1980s when the terrorist group/army of liberation ETTA was formed.  According to Wikipedia, casualties were about 24,000 Sri Lankar soldiers & Police, 27,000 ETTA and 1,200 Indian peacekeepers.

So who killed 24,000 SL soldiers?  Who killed 1,200 Indians?  Is that twit alleging that they suicided?

The northern province is about 90% Tamil, with a population of around one million.  Less than 2% of Tamils in Sri Lankar were killed, and presumably most of those killed were combatants.

Getting back to my original point.  There is no justification whatsoever to say that the response of the Abbott government is redolent of unnamed governments handing Jews back to the Nazis in the 1930s.  This is because the Jews in the 1930s had not committed any acts of terror, except in the fertile imagination of the Nazis.  OTOH ETTA was at best the army for a patriotic civil war, at worst a murderous terrorist organization.


Hamas justifies the aggravation of the situation in Gaza by the failure of Israel to concede any improvements to the situation of the people there.  The payback murder of a Palestinian youth in the West Bank is also an issue.

The West Bank is controlled by Fatah, and is largely at peace with Israel.  The recent kidnapping and murder of three Jewish youths was allegedly by the hand of Hamas agents.

A possible strategy of Israel would be to improve the lot of
the Muslim Arabs of the West Bank by providing them with greater privileges and freedom of movement within Israel.  Both the West Bank and the resident Arab population should be offered a "Dhimma" or "Protection" contract, and required to pay a "Jizya" or "Protection" tax to compensate Israeli Jews for protection from outside aggression.  Of course if the Palestinian renounced his Muslim religion, the Jizya tax would not apply.

Gazans should be made aware that if they managed to control the elements that attack Israel, a similar regime could be enacted.  There should be a promise that if certain preconditions were met, normal international relations could be established.

I am not suggesting citizenship for West Bank and Gazans, but perhaps the right to purchase property, run businesses and live in Israel.  It should be made very clear that these concessions result from the improved security offered and behaviour of the people of the West Bank.

Computers are amazing things.  I would expect that every person in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza could be scanned into a database, cross checked by association with other people, by attendance at mosques etc, and be instantly recognizable by CCTV scans that should completely cover the urban environment, and a significant grid of the rural environment.

Hopefully these evolutions could be coordinated with Abbas. 


Australia's newest political powerblock is named "Palmer United Party" or PUP by it's leader, Billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer.  They control three extremely important votes in the Australian Senate.  Clive has a seat in the House of Representatives.

One of Australia's more memorable state governors was Joh Bjelke Peterson, who was Premier of Queensland for around twenty years.  He was leader of the Country party which was in coalition with the Liberal party, which is normally the dominant party of the anti-Union parties.

Clive was, guess what, the press secretary for Joh Bjelke-Peterson, whose memorable comparison of a press conference to "feeding the chooks" struck a humorous note with anyone who has ever had chooks.

At the moment the parties of the Labour Unions and Greens are loathing Clive, who has a victory because he helped Abbott repeal the unpopular Carbon Tax (and installed trading permits set at zero dollars in it's place).  He also agreed to removal of the mining tax, but not the flow on tax concessions to kids etc.  I expect he will negotiate a "compromise" victory for PUP and the coalition there also.

With Clive, don't look what he says.  Look instead at the outcomes.  He is an absolute genius at spin.