I am a believer in direct democracy.  Representative democracy is OK, but since the time of Socrates it has been known for the failure of susceptibility to bribery.  For instance, most politicians retire wealthy.

Another thing about government is secession.  If a significant proportion of a country wants to secede, then there should be a vote.  Like in Scotland and Singapore and USSR.  Like should have happened for Bangladesh in Pakistan.  Like should be happening in Basque in Spain and Kurdistan in Turkey.

And should have happened in Israel and Ukraine.  Now we have potential nuclear wars in both places and all because of bad government (in the country concerned and the world powers) combined with a refusal to offer a vote on secession.

Look at the facts.

Obama got a peace treaty in 2014 between Ukraine government & the now independent eastern Crimea/Donetsk region regions because a civil war had developed between the ethnic Russians (17.3% of Ukraine population) in the east and the ethnic Ukrainians (77.8% of Ukraine population) in the centre and west.   The peace treaty did not last.  There was terrorist trouble.  Then Crimea held a referendum and joined to Russia.  These problems exacerbated under Biden and the Russians went in to help their fellow Russians fight off the Ukrainian (non governmental) terrorists.  The solution is to have the UN conduct a poll of the citizens of Donetsk and Crimea.  Zelenski must be persuaded to agree & accept the results.

Hamas was elected government in the Gaza Strip circa 2006.  Since then rockets were intermittently being fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip.   The Hamas in the Gaza strip has been under siege conditions by Egypt & Israel since 2006.  The siege was to stop weapons and other implements of war like concrete from entering.  On 7th October Hamas crossed the border and killed 1,400 including babies, children and mothers, and took 250 hostages.  That they were able to carry out this invasion and murder was a failure of Netanyahu.  He should resign immediately.  And the invasion should also stop.  As AI develops, micro drones will be utilized to find and punish Hamas.  But despite the fact that Hamas was elected, the population of Gaza should not be held accountable.