October 2022


"Hundreds of fake (peer reviewed) scientific papers ...have been published in British Journals.." From "The Times" October 1 2022.

And just how many of those are climate alarmist fakes?

All I can see is a few very wealthy people pushing alarmism to the detriment of the rest of us.  The cost of slowing carbon dioxide is incredibly high, and the damage avoided is by comparison trivial.   Sea level rise?  Doubtful it would be one meter rise by 2100AD and that is cheap to stop. Ask the Dutch.  Of course a few mansions at Point Piper might suffer...  Bigger storms?  That is arguable, but just build new buildings stronger.

The Dinosaurs thrived when the temperature was 3C - 5C higher than now.  And the Carbon Dioxide level would have to double about 4 - 5 times (from 0.03% to around 0.5%) to cause that rise.


So. Someone blew up Nordstream1 and Nordstream2.

And Biden is trying to blame the Russians.

To quote Mandy Rice-Davies.  "Well he would say that, wouldn't he?"

Let's face it. Nordstreams are owned by Russia, and could potentially supply gas to Europe.  And because of the fairytale about "Climate Change" everyone in Europe is closing coal etc. and not building photocells, windmills and batteries fast enough.   So Russia and Europe have no fight with Nordstream. So who does?

Well Ukraine might not be too happy with Russia getting friendly with Europe.   And also Biden might see himself as the "strong man"?

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