April-May 2021


The world is moving to Dictatorships.

Socrates was quite derogatory about what we call representative democracy. (eg Google "Socrates on Democracy).  Mostly because of the corruption that it seemed to engender.

The best people to elect as USA President seem to be people who were independently wealthy and accustomed to addressing the public.  Like Reagan. Like Trump.  The worst are career politicians who use their position to grant "favours".

How did I calculate the best people?  Not by polls.  By their results.

During Reagan's presidency, the USSR disintegrated and became a 4 year, 2 term presidency.  Also, the Chinese instituted a 4 year 2 term president.  Reagan was the only President in the last 80 years to be followed by a president from the same party.  I ascribe this to the respect that people had for Reagan.

During Trump's presidency the US balance of trade improved, and the middle east became more peaceful.  No new wars were started, and existing wars were stopped.  US unemployment diminished.

However since Reagan the middle east has become more warlike.  Syria, Hamas and Iran have become more aggressive.  Both the Russians and the Chinese stopped the 4 year x 2 term presidential rule.  And both are now strongly supporting dictators in Myanmar and Belarus.

The powers behind our democratic system (Including Amazon, Facebook, Google) are meanwhile exerting their media influence to multiply it.  Trumpian projected policies were threatening to cost them $$$ so they worked to remove him.  Whether that was achieved by hacking or just media manipulation is not a question I can answer, but hacking to assist forging postal votes is a distinct possibility.