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JULY 2016

Brexit happened. In England & Wales (except London,) 55% voted "leave".  In Scotland and North Ireland the reverse.

Cameron is out.  Boris backed off.  And the current EU narrative is:

"no negotiations, no trade concessions, no NOTHING for the ENGLISH".

Narrative is what is used to control populations.  And in the case of Brexit, it didn't work.  We the people of the world, in our ponderous, dim witted way, are beginning to sense that the narrative in the public domain is a lie.  I do not know Facebook or Google search or twitter, but I suspect that they are noticing that their control algorithms are less efficient.

Viewed from that perspective, Boris' comments (below) take on a new meaning.  Taken from that perspective, the EUrocrats in Brussels are scared of losing their sinecures, and the people who own them (Lets call them "The Elite") are trying to hold the bundle together.  Because, as I said in May:
Big states are loved by those who rule.  In big states we the people can be bundled into neat little boxes. We lose our individuality. Our say is smothered, or even censored. No islands of dissension are permitted.
Back to Boris.
  • In the UK their parliament chooses the PM (Prime Minister).  Not like the superior US Presidential system, where the people get to choose their own leader, not have to vote for his party, and hope the hell he gets appointed President.  As in the UK so it is in Oz, NZ, & Canada.  When Boris saw there was no way his colleagues would vote for him, he quit.  Sure he may well have won if Public Opinion had any say.  But no, public opinion carries little weight in that corrupted democracy.
  • Boris, quite rightly, at least to my thinking, suggested in his final speech the optimal course of events for the Eurocrats and the British.  Basically, "all trade deals remain in place, but Shenkin (the internal migration agreement) and Laws (Justice as determined in Brussels) is ended".
  • Breaking the trade agreements would hurt the EU at least as much as it would hurt the UK.  Think of all that cheap dairy and meat they could buy from New Zealand instead of France!  Think of the cheap machinery from China!  And their power bills would plummet!  Because although the EU is a "free trade" area, it has extremely high tariffs that protect French farms etc. from outside competition.
Viewed from that perspective, the "punishment" narrative being generated is revealed for what it is.  A desperate construct narrative designed to stop the disintegration of the Eurozone as other states' populations consider following the example of the UK exit.


The Australian election of 2nd July has been marred by dirty tricks and unexpected results.
  • The Opposition leader made up a "MediScare" campaign,
  • Criminals? unknown somehow found the phone numbers of pensioners in marginal seats and texted them warnings that the coalition planned huge cuts to Medicare which would result in cuts to pensioner services.  The texts were signed "medicare"
I suggest to the authorities that immediate steps be taken to secure the Postal and other as yet uncounted votes in marginal seats.

I note that Malcolm's smarts are "financial smarts", not "people smarts".  Even a media baron could not fix that image.

It could be argued that the problem with polling is an evolving aspect of our Western culture. This inference is supported by the observation that "Politically Correct" answers seem to poll stronger.

What should Malcolm do? 

Malcolm should insist on his corporate tax reduction plan and the CFMEU control legislation.  Unless those are passed, refuse to govern.  Let Bill Shorten take over.  As soon as our AAA rating goes out the window, there will be new elections as Bill's support among independents disappears.

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