Back in 2013 Barack and the "elite" were happy with Xi and his trade policies. Our big corporates were making lots of money (at the expense of USA workers, jobs & pay rates.) by selling and importing stuff with China. Never mind the trade imbalance.

Trump is a businessman and understood the costs (which ordinary politicians and public servants did not understand or care about) so he set about restoring the balance of trade. Which upset Xi, who'd had a clear run with Trump's predecessor.

Xi thinks he can last a year without submitting to Trump's demands.  That is, until either Trump caves or the USA gets another president.

Except Xi has a few problems back home with Hong Kong which have no simple solution. If he invades Hong Kong, then the USA trade issues become a painful issue. If he doesn't invade, ultimately something in HK/Taiwan will break.

I watch with interest.

Epstein, convicted pedophile, friend to powerful people, has died while in jail in NY.

Suicide or Murder?


1) There was an earlier incident in jail that left marks on his neck that was called a "failed suicide".
2) He was reported as "cheerful" in the days before his death.
3)  He was not on "suicide watch".
4)  He was found hung from the neck.
5)  Bones in the neck were broken. Those bones are rarely broken by hanging.
6)  The authorities are saying it was suicide. 


Coral Reef

There is a story out there that the coral reef (that stretches for 2,300 KM N-S) is dying and that water temperature changes due to "climate change" is to blame.

I am not arguing about anything except water temperature.

So if it's over 2,300 KM from North to South, surely the water temperature is lower at the south end than at the north end?

That means that coral has a range of survival temperatures.

So we just transplant coral at the north end south.  Problem solved!

Of course that is not the end of the story.  Coral is able to evolve.  So say 95% of the coral at the N end dies, then the remaining 5% breeds and takes over.

Like most scams, the "reef alarmists" are asking for donations.  Just google "coral reef" and see what I mean.  In the meantime, any genuine academics who question the "warmist science" get sacked.

Icelandic Glaciers

There is a story out there, on your ABC, that Eleven Billion tonnes (11,000 million) of Glacier has disappeared over the last decade or so.

WOW that sounds like a lot.  About a hundred Sydney Harbours maybe?


Sydney harbour contains about 500 gigalitres which is 500,000,000 million litres

A litre weighs 1 Kg so
Sydney Harbours 500,000,000 million litres weighs 500 Billion Tonnes.

That Iceland glacier only contained about 1/50 or 2% of the water in Sydney Harbour!!!

That iceberg must have been about as large as Rose Bay!!!