The Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is shaking a few branches.  Iran is definitely identified as the bad guy.  Lebanon and Yemen are where the action is.  Syria is simmering.  Putin is a bit taken aback. Gulf states are in turmoil.

It's Trump of course.
  • He has also orchestrated Hamas to join up with the PLO and talk to Israel.
  • He has prompted revolution in Lebanon, where Hezbollah has more armed men than the legitimate government.
  • The Yemenis are being used as a cover by the Shia Iranians, but the Saudi are bombing anyhow.
Sit and watch it unfold.


If it's not war and revolution, it's plague.

Right now its both. Revolution in Zimbabwe. Black Death in Madagascar.

Mugabe could well survive.  Lets face it. People get the government that their culture encourages.  If the man in the street works for bribes (aka "Tips") then the politicians he chooses will too.


The Fascists of the USA have a new name.

They call themselves "The Anti-fa".

  • They pose as the good guys.
  • They silence opposing views.
  • They beat up political opponents.
  • They wear black.
  • Just like Hitler Sturmabteilung silenced & beat up opponents, & wore black.
  • Just like Mussolini's Squadristi silenced & beat up opponents, & wore black.
  And likewise they are the good guys. Just ask them.

They are the ANTI-FA (Which comes from Anti-Fascists).


The Public Media (print, TV, Radio) are giving our PM a tough time.  They are shaking negative opinion polls at him.  They are praising past PM Abbott who was deposed by Malcolm based on negative opinion polls. They are openly considering other alternatives.

Public Media has always done that sort of thing, but it's not working so well anymore.
Trump demonstrated it. So did Brexit.

A clue lies in recent research that shows that Public Media stories produce a sustained commentary lasting several days on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs).

My theory?
  • In the good old days, before Social Media, what was said on Public Media was "fact". End of story.
  • Not any more.  Now it comes to us with Social Media commentary.
  • Often it is a reasoned analysis of the Public Media "facts" & a discussion of possible bias of the source.
  • This tends to unmask any "fake news" that Public Media is attempting to promulgate and produce a more informed public.
  • Additionally: Polls don't work properly anymore.
  • Because the person being polled knows (from Public Media) what the pollster is expecting, and wants to agree with the pollster.
  • So everyone (i.e. The media elite & the "Hillary" types) get fake news about public opinion.
  • Until the shock of the final poll.
I wonder if Malcolm might not have a similar outcome?

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