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APRIL 2012


In Australia, the party that is owned by the unions is called the "Labour Party".  It is union worker's money that supports the party.  It is union chiefs who select the people who will be representatives.  It is union worker's money that pays for the election advertising.

And their reward is regulation and legislation and "jobs for the boys".  There is a huge expenditure of taxpayer's money on public infrastructure "projects" that employ lots of union members at exorbitant wages.  In the last six years it has committed to around $120 billion of building infrastructure funding over and above recurrent government expenditure.  (on the NBN, BER, Batts to name a few).

It makes me sick.  That small group of union organizers is enriching themselves enormously at the expense of us all.  Even if the opposition gets back at the next election, it will take decades to take back that wealth inequality that they engineered to justify their organizer fees.  That is because wages to the favoured unions are "sticky".  Once granted, they cannot be reduced.

The only solutions that occur to me would be to legislate open unions.  And of course mechanize the union workforce out of a job.  Like is happening to the ore train drivers in WA.

As for the continual attacks on corporate profits, that is another issue.  Those profits are what pays retired people their superannuation.  Perhaps the habit of appointing ex union bosses as directors of superannuation companies will rebound.  Sooner or later the workers who own those funds will realize that those funds are really theirs.  They will realize the narrative that their employer corporations are contributing those funds is a really a fiction.

We really need recall elections.  So that we can sack these criminals before they further damage our nation.  It would be nice if we could put them on trial.


Since I wrote the above post Toyota has sacked hundreds of workers, a car parts manufacturer has gone bankrupt, also sacking hundreds of workers, and in the news tonight, a NSW transport has gone bust, and more hundreds of jobs are gone.

And there is a forecast that "Fair Work" application to Australian coastal shipping will lose lots more jobs as refineries in Sydney and Brisbane close.

I am quite certain that union bosses will be saying that the "fair work" legislation is not responsible.

Tonight I was asked to do a telephone survey.  I was told it was requested by "Fair Work".  Since I am not in paid employment, they did not want my opinion.   I can understand why.


R. Murdoch was recently asked to deny that regulatory capture was occurring in the UK as payment for a favourable press.  He said he had never asked any UK PMs for anything.

Well duh.  He wouldn't ask.


In Australia we do not have recall elections.

Maybe its just the media, but when even the perennial labour supporter the ABC is negative about Labour, even the most "dyed in the wool" blues have gotta wonder.  Julia Gillard (the Labour = blue party) has a majority made up of two independents (who were previously conservatives, and who come from conservative electorates) and a disavowed Liberal and an ex union boss who is suspected of using union funds to pay for whores,

We the people of Australia cannot do anything for another 18 months.

The last time I heard of this happening in world history was with the Nazi party under Hitler just before WWII.  Hitler had about 48% of the Reichstag circa 1933.  I understand he simply had the communist members arrested as traitors, result?  The Nazis now had 52% of the votes.

As a matter of urgency, we need a constitutional amendment that allows us to stop this travesty.  The simplest amendment would be a recall election.

Of course politicians of all flavours would object.  They would never permit curtailment of their powers.

We need non-politicians to intervene.  Like Gina Rhinehart and Clive Palmer.

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