The amount of face time given by our ABC to Victorian Premier Daniel to explain how determined he is to eradicate Covid_19 seems to be a lot more than we in NSW deserve.  Just tell us what the numbers are should be enough, and perhaps 5 minutes of Daniel apologising and telling how he plans the fix should be enough.

There is no getting past it. Daniel F****d up.  Using the untrained staff of a mate (Is there a deal? Electoral contributions maybe?) to supervise quarantine.  I know only that I am heartily sick of his face on the screen.

We get an occasional talk by NSW Premier Gladys.  She seems to be winning or at least not losing ground.  And ScoMo does not actually control quarantine except at the international border and he screwed up the Diamond Princess.  He is trying to ask the premiers to do mostly reasonable amendments to their border blockages, which Labour Premiers (Vic & Qld) ignore.


The trouble is, nobody "does" facts.  We especially cannot trust the "Fact Checkers".

For instance the latest anti Trump rumor is that he "reportedly" called dead soldiers "losers".  Yet all the reporters did not actually hear him say it, but were told (by someone) that he said it.  And one ex Trumpian said "It would not surprise me if he said it".

Another story was that he did not want to go to a cemetery memorial because "It was raining and he did not want to get his hair wet".  The other version was that it was dangerous to helicopter in the stormy weather.

Of course Trump has his own versions. "Sleepy Joe".  And the Ukraine corruption.

Generally Putin is reckoned to support Trump, and Xi to support Biden.

The Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft axis seems to support Biden, as do most Australian media, and the left USA media.  However USA citizens seem to be quite cynical about the information provided by their media.

I expect Trump to win. He is the first USA president since Carter to not start a war.  And he is good for business.