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Democratic Presidents do seem to have a genius for turning neutral Arab dictator states into Anti US non secular states.

Of course it is probably for the good in the long run.  I mean, does anyone really want to support dictator states?  Perhaps the anti US reaction in the Arab world is a response to past US support of the dictatorship?

Then again.  From the evidence available I have a few concerns about fundamental Muslimism.

Moses was a refugee.  Jesus was a hippy.  Mahommed was a tribal warleader.

And the charges made in "innocence of Muslims" is based in probable fact.  At least it does not directly contradict the scholarly work on  MOHAMMED by Maxime Rodinson.

That factual basis probably explains the upset of the Muslim world.

But it certainly does not excuse the murderous violence of the mobs in Cairo and Afghanistan and various other Muslim nations.

Jesus is slandered frequently.  The Muslims deny he is the Son of God.  Jews are slandered on a daily basis.  What is special about Muslims that they think that "disrespect" is a capital crime?  Where I grew up, respect was earned.

Or do Muslims seek to earn respect on the point of a sword?  I suppose that is how the followers of a warlord prophet would behave.


Buying mortgages and bonds rewards the unlucky gamblers, and penalizes the poorest citizens.

Instead of $40 billion/month buying mortgages, Bernanke should pay each US citizen (including children) equal shares of that same amount.  $40 billion shared by 300 million people is about $140/month per person.  Same for Draghi.

It would probably be a more effective way of curing the disinflation too.


Some time last week at a private function, Allan Jones suggested that Labour Party PM Julia's father probably died of shame at having a daughter who told so many lies.  OK, as a father of daughters I would not have found that remotely funny.  
But it was an ex-tempore speech at a Liberal function, and permissible in front of that audience.  But some genius journalist had a recorder going, and is now making a name for himself with a shock-horror exposure.

Well good for him.  I put that effort on a par with the recent photographing our future Queen's naked breasts.  No blame to Allan though,  He did not intend that such hurtful statements should reach Julia's ears, and has apologised.

The ABC and Labour Party has played it up to the level of vomit.  Perhaps we could split the ABC into a right wing and a left wing?  Or is that SBS?