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April 2010.


Q.  What is a Ruddite?   A.  A right wing Uddite.

The cards are not falling well for the Labour leader.

Look at what has gone wrong.  The boat people scandal.  The carbon trading scheme & Green revolution.  The $3 billion Batts fiasco.  The $14 billion Building Education Revolution.  The $40 billion broadband network that we probably don't need and that luckily hasn't happened.

And now KR wants to take over the hospitals, and he is offering money around like it's going out of fashion & threatening the states with a referendum if they won't come to the party.  They can't come to the party, because it appears it will rob them blind of their GST.  But the Ruddite wants a referendum anyhow, because that will give him a chance to mobilize the people with his vision.  Not to mention the Henry report on Taxes.  Wouldn't it be funny if that increased the GST to 15%?  Then that GST he got from the states would not need any addition from general revenue.

Economist Steve Keen

is walking to Canberra because he lost a bet that the price of housing would fall.

Interviewed on the ABC he claimed foul.  The Government put a huge new homes grant in place, and made real estate open slather for overseas buyers.  His narrative is that private debt has been turned into public debt.  (That means rich people gambled in business and lost, so the governments of the world paid out their bankruptcies and put all that debt onto the shoulders of the poor people.)  Both Steve Keen and George Soros seem to be of the opinion that the new high government debt is unsustainable.  However it might take five years before the system goes to pieces.  Unless those Germans manage to stop the Greek loan.

Some people think Bush should not have acted to shore up Freddie & Fanny.


For many years I have thought him an oddity, maybe a product of our cultural cringe about the disadvantaged.  His recent announcement that we should not seek out but rather
hide from and avoid other spacefaring races is spot on.  Such an event could, as he suggests, signal the end of the human race.

Even if the "looting resources" plot was stolen straight from Independence Day.  Looting Earth's resources is really not a credible reason for an advanced technology.


The latest report of Google is that they are collecting WIFI and MAC information alongside the street view photos (on which they must blur faces).

That this information might become available in the public domain is of concern to those who think that only they (aka the DFOG = Dark Forces of Government) should have a monopoly on personal information.  My thought is "better that everyone becomes aware that such information exists and is readily available than that a few power hungry individuals be the sole owners of that database."

As for scare stories about privacy.  It is often said, only the guilty fear loss of privacy.

I am not doing anything of which I fear discovery. But it scares me is that within a few short years the DFOG could have a real time database of everybody.  Some nameless person would be able to type (or speak) your name into a terminal, and be told for instance that "that person is at this moment in such and such an apartment with such a named person and has been there for X hours." and then provide CCTV footage of you entering that apartment with your lover/whatever.  The potential ability to blackmail that gives to that controller of the DFOG scares the shit out of me.  At least if that information were in the public domain, (which is what Google is trying to do) then social mores would change, and the ability to blackmail would be greatly reduced.


The Greek problem is unsettling investors worldwide.  US states are heavying Latin immigrants.  That is bad for US economy.  European states are banning Bourkas.  And giving Greeks gifts.  That is bad for the European economy.  Greek unionists are on strike, quite reasonably to my mind, requiring that their politicians suffer equal pain.  Government debt in Europe and the USA is high and going higher, mainly because legislators used public money to bail out their banker mates (and just coincidentally, I suspect, to protect their own investments in bonds etc.)

What do I see in my crystal ball?  Ahh.  The fog is clearing.  The sheep (aka investment managers) will become calmed.
  The stock market will recover.  It will even climb slightly until October.

OOps. What is that I see?  Fire and Brimstone?  No, the fog seeps back.   The crystal ball darkens.  The fates have not revealed themselves.  But October is the time of danger.  Safest is probably under the bed.  Or Australian dollars.  Or gold.

Is the answer is to let the big investment houses and dinosaurs go bust?  No more government investments to help bankers?

Regeneration must come from small beginnings.  From small business.   Otherwise instability & inflation will come.  And then social unrest.

Henry George had half the answer.

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