MARCH 2017


Regrettably, our Anglo-Western democracy has very few players in the media.  In fact, you could probably count the majors using only the fingers of one hand.

And those players ruthlessly exploit their power to promote their own political ends.

Just saying.

So (Although these sources are no more trustable, no less biased than CNN et al) I proffer the following

I am open to further suggestions.  BTW my favourite US publication is the Drudge Report.


Tim was sounding off on morning ABC TV about how Australian children were most frightened by terrorists.  He went on to point out that such fears were not reflected in reality.

It reminded me of a Sufi (Muslim) fable.  With apologies to Nasrudin for my faulty memory...

A friend came around to Nasrudin's house and found him spreading salt on the ground.

"Whatever are you doing Nasrudin?" exclaimed the friend.

"I am keeping the Tigers away." said Nasrudin.

"But there are no Tigers for hundreds of Kilometers around here!" said the friend.

"Yes. It is very effective, isn't it?" replied Nasrudin.

So Tim, maybe spreading salt did stop those Tigers?


Politicians love power, and the bigger the territory they rule, the bigger their ...... well, you get the idea.

Since WWII there have been a few partitions.  Regrettably, rarely amenable.(A)
  • Israel
  • Singapore,(A)
  • South Sudan.
  • Korea,
  • Vietnam.
  • Russia (split into multi states, Ukraine etc)(A)
  • Crimea (from Ukraine)
  • East Timor.(A)
There are quite a few places that would like to secede..
  • Kurds in Turkey
  • Kurds in Iraq & Iran & Syria.
  • Sunni in Syria & Iraq.
  • Rohynga (Myanmar)
  • Russian part of Ukraine
  • West New Guinea
  • North Sumatra
  • Basque
  • Tibet
  • HK
  • Mongolia, SinKiang
  • California
And a very short list of those who had the opportunity but did not take it.
  • Scotland.
I would like to see secession as a UN supported right.

Any group that for whatever reason wanted independence should be supported in obtaining that condition.

Ownership of real estate should not be an issue.

After all, the land is owned by the people.  In the event of war, the people are conscripted to fight.

Those who occupy (and think that they own) any parcel of land do so by the permission of the people.

And taxes should be levied on the occupiers of the people's land to provide a universal basic income to the people.

(See Henry George for rationale.)


26th March

Trump has withdrawn his version of Obamacare.  And all of the media are showing their true colours.

        It is being reported as a stunning defeat for Trump.

Not to me.  I see it as Trump calling the bluff of the "Freedom Caucus".  That bunch of right whingers in the Republican party thought Trump's health bill was, like Obamacare, still giving too many taxpayer dollars to health care for life's failures.  So they refused to budge.

Instead of just giving in, Trump has called their bluff.  Now the budget is even worse off.  Because Obamacare was more generous & more wasteful.

It will be interesting to see whether the Republicans attempt the same strategy (again) on Trump's Company Tax reduction.  I think they might have learned their lesson.

Let's face it, fellahs. The Tail don't wag the dog.  And those voters out there will know the difference.

Getting bribed by way of publicity didn't work for Hillary.  What makes those Republican senators think it will work for them?

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