Xi Putin Myanmar

The UK had a parliament from the 14th century. Then they conquered a lot of the world.  And governed.

The governed in the USA had a revolution and grew their own democracy.

Then France grew Democracy from revolution against Kings and Dictators.

The Spanish and Portugese and French had meantime conquered parts of the world.  The Spanish and Portugese colonies (with help) threw off the yoke.

After WWII the UN decided that all those conquered countries should get freedom.

What a disaster!  Especially Africa and the middle East and French Indo China.

India and Indonesia seem to have made democracy function.

Russia had a revolution, and got a dictator.  Then it started going Democratic. Then Putin.

Same for China.

And Myanmar does not look good.

Russia and China have nukes.  They side with the generals of Myanmar. So the murdering generals cannot be invaded and brought to justice for the murder that they are committing.

However the psychology of dictators is to avoid confrontation. So (I hope) WWIII is not imminent.

But the people of Russia and China and Myanmar will have to get democracy by revolution if they want it.

And the same goes for Africa and the middle east.